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I am a middle aged man who still reads comic books, plays video games and watches movies that my fourteen year old inner self would find, and I quote, "wicked awesome!" However, when it comes to work, politics and life in general, I behave like an adult. I approach problems with rational decision making, not superstition, and treat others around me as I would like to be treated. Apparently, I am in a vast minority, as recent actions taken by heads of state, corporate overlords and the American people in general demonstrate an unfortunate ability to behave in all aspects of life as a petulant three year old would. What happened to all the adults that seem to no longer exist? It's awfully lonely being one of the few who get it, as those that are reading this blog probably are as well.
N Korea Lower Tech Threat
Let us start with a person I have said could threaten world peace since his rise to power: Kim Jung Un. Since I was in college, I waited for some lunatic to get control of a nuclear arsenal and itch to use it. It's why in 1994 I vilified Clinton for NOT attacking North Korea when it looked like they were getting super close to a nuclear bomb. Letting them get WMD's was a horrific miscalculation that may end the world and the main reason I am also against Iran getting them as well. If nukes proliferate like this into failing states, it's only a matter of time before some loon uses them and that loon may be in charge of North Korea and one of the biggest armies in Earth.

Right now, Un is having a cow over the release of the Interview, a satire of two inept reporters hired by the CIA to kill the North Korean leader. As a result, it appears as if he has used a legion of hackers to steal all sorts of stuff from Sony, which I will go into later, including emails, personal info of cast and crew, the script for the latest James Bond movie and copies of films like Annie and Fury. From what I hear, Annie is a bomb all in it's own. The trailer alone is painful to sit through with all that damned auto tune. This was just the beginning apparently as instead of just leaving this as is (and making us question just who is behind this), Un has miscalculated greatly and has threatened a 9/11 style attack on any movie theater showing this film.

This has had the exact opposite effect for the most part except for the beyond cowardly theater group,  Carmike (which I have never heard of) who decided to drop showings. The rest should go through with what might be one of the biggest films of the year. Un should know that the one thing that gets Americans pissed more than anything else is to threaten them with anything. Message boards are calling on everyone to see this film, just to make the North Korean dictator angry. I am definitely going as I think this film looks funny as hell and I really want to stick it to Un just cause. I am hoping many, many others join me in telling that dick where to go and how to get there.
Should he somehow have the ability to attack movie theaters on Christmas, I hope he likes an all out war because the USA will be demanding blood, consequences be damned. If we parked a few nuclear subs off the coast, Un would have less than a minute to retaliate before becoming radioactive dust. It would certainly send a clear message to our enemies that we will wipe them from the Earth for behavior like this and could actually see a limited response if we did such a thing. Is China really going to get involved over this? Unlikely as that could end all life on the planet and not even China is willing to go that far over a spoiled child like Un. He better think very carefully on what he plans to do next or else face lethal consequences.

And then there is Sony. My God the emails are so junior high-ish I can hardly believe it. Angry studio heads bitch constantly because people like Jolie and DiCaprio actually turned down roles because of things like, gasp, the screenplay and money. The horror. They then resort to name calling and other childish, Kim Jung Un-like behavior. It's a constant thread of behavior that is exactly why I hate most of the bosses I have ever had who all seem to act like this regardless of profession. When you get ahead because you are related to the boss, this is the kind of morons you get running the show. The ultimate proof are contained in one name: George W. Bush. Does anyone honestly think this idiot would ever have been manager of Starbucks let alone President without his famous father? Of course not. And now comes word that Jeb Bush is going to run and anyone voting for that man should be shot on sight, as well as Hillary Clinton supporters. Should these be the nominees, I am going to do my best to start a nationwide campaign called, Stay Home in 2016 as voting for either of these two losers is a death sentence for the country.
Rodman north korea cartoon mckee 270x176

Lastly we have the public which a majority feel that the CIA torture program was no big deal. WTF? Are you kidding me?! Because so many get their news from places like Fox News and CNN, truth is being washed away. 58% said torture was justified because we got valuable info from doing this and they were just terrorists anyway. The truth is we got zero good info from this, as every study said and at least 26 people were innocent when subjected to torture. Fucking Darth Cheney has been making the rounds muddying the waters as usual by saying the program worked while offering no proof of any of it. And a lot of you out there are buying it. This means this country is moments away from collapse because this level of stupidity is no conductive to a productive society.

We should be out there in mass numbers calling for the heads of everyone connected with the illegal CIA program, and they could still face charges if the UN decides they committed war crimes, which they did. I will be truly happy with the UN for once if they do just that. We should also be demanding the resignation of Obama and anyone in Congress who voted for that crap spending bill. At least there are still those protesting police violence but have made it about race instead of status which is unfortunate.

The country and the world is inhabited by infants. We need adults to take over and I will give Obama some credit for finally addressing the idea that Cuba is no longer a threat. It's one of the few adult decisions anyone had made in a long time. I can only dream that this is not some anomaly and he will go back to acting like a hyper kid with ADD.

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