Wednesday, December 2, 2015


So far, early reports still suggest three shooters wearing body armor and maybe masks shot at least 14 people at Island Regional Center, a center for disabled people. They are still at large. Of course, before the bodies have even cooled, reports of SWAT doing exercises nearby have led to unfounded conspiracy theories that will inevitably lead nowhere. Can we go five second before screaming COVER UP at the top of our lungs?

The case is odd at it fits very few plausible scenarios. The most likely is that this was personal. This room and the people in it were the target for reasons unknown but serious enough to kill for. Hypothetically, it could be anything. But it would make the most sense that for whatever reason, abuse of a sibling, death of a grandmother the suspects blame the center for, the fact that they were served sandwiches that had mustard instead of mayo on it, who knows, but these people were targets not of chance but by choice. But this smacks of being personal and not terrorist based. There were no reports of anyone shouting Muslim slogans as they always do, nor any reason why they wouldn't have kept killing people and instead after shooting up the one room, left.

Early reports, which take with a grain of salt, have said they were white. Some much less reliable ones have said Middle Eastern. There is, as far as I can tell, no evidence this was anything but a personal dispute that someone was killing for.

My best wish, my one hope, would be that the three were anti-abortionist morons who mistook the Planned Parenthood down the street for this building which if true, would spell the destruction of both the Republican Party and the NRA. It would also kill the careers of Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina who might have to go into hiding if that turns out to be true, which is highly unlikely. But at least if that were true, we might finally get a chance to change things for the better here and the 14 plus people would not have died in vain. But sadly, this is most unlikely and chances are when they find these guys, which they will, the motive will be much more mundane, tragic, and ultimately, stupid.

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