Thursday, December 10, 2015


I know many of you out there are wondering why Donald Trump isn't at the top of the heap this week and he would have been had the sleepy turtle in Congress hadn't urinated all over 9/11 first responders in a purely political move that is literally killing them. This guy is a dick. I have Christmas shopping to do this weekend and a big project due Monday so here is an abbreviated week. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Robert Dear- The other religious shooter from the past few weeks got his day in court and, oh boy, did he not disappoint. Removing all doubt about his motives and mental state, Dear interrupted the court 16 times, screaming out things like, "I did it for the babies, and "You wouldn't believe all the blood I saw in there," even though he never made it out of the lobby area. Ted Cruz said recently he was going to nominate this guy to the Supreme Court if he wins. "I like the cut of his jib," he was quoted as saying at a combination anti-Planned Parenthood rally and reunion of the St. John's Home for the Criminally Insane. We can all see this guy is NOT a transgender, liberal no matter how much Cruz wishes it would be.

9)Ted Cruz- Word from the GOP establishment is the two worst people who could win right now are Cruz and Trump. They feel both will lose, and lose badly, in a general election and they are probably right. Cruz, oddly enough, may do worse as he will NOT look to tone down his rhetoric and could give the Democrats control of the Senate and even the House. Trump has some cross-party appeal. Cruz has none. Plus, he is widely HATED in Congress as even his own party finds him arrogant and insufferable. His former college roommate has come forward to say he would rather see ANYONE president than Cruz, including a random lottery. That's says lots. He is rising in the polls, but I still think he's a long shot.

8)Golden Globe nods- Another year, another round of crappy nominations. Can we all admit that some shows like Homeland and Dowton Abbey are nowhere near as good as several years ago? And how in the hell is the Martian a comedy? While there were some surprises like Mad Max for best drama, a lot of them were the same old same old we have been seeing for decades now. Can we please nominate someone else other than the exact same people every year? You might as well as run a rerun and who would know the difference.

7)Chipotle- These guys are in real trouble as their stock continues to slide along with the profits. A string of e-coli through the country was the first shoe, followed by an attack of the norovirus in Boston that sickened over a hundred and twenty people. This is why we need sick days people. Because Chipotle doesn't have sick days, they may be headed the way of the DC-10 which had a similiar path to extinction. Even thought they were the safest plane at the time, three unrelated incidents in a short time doomed them. If anything goes wrong at any Chipotle anywhere, it may be game over for them. Who exactly is still eating anything from them?

6)MSM- All week we saw the modern media trip over themselves for no apparent reason. They hammered on Trump, blatantly lying in some cases. On a CNN focus group, one person said the reason Trump was ahead is the media lies. Ironically, the woman was outed as a Republican plant who works for the GOP in NH so way to go CNN for figuring that out before you went on air. They also showed a free for all in the home of the San Bernadino shooters that bordered on parody when the landlord opened it for them. The MSM is calling Trump's plan to ban Muslims as anti-American and illegal when in fact both Carter and FDR barred Iranians for the former and Japanese, Germans and Italians for the latter during their tenure. The Immigration and National Act of 1952 gives legal precedent to ban any foreign nation or religion from entering the country. Japan does it all the time with Muslims, allowing none to immigrate and frowning upon the religion in general. In all of Tokyo, there is one imam and less than 100,000 followers in the entire nation. Try practicing Christianity in Saudi Arabia to see how they handle it. If a President decided to ban Muslims from coming here, he can regardless what or what you are hearing.

5)Obama's Oval Office Speech- What the hell was that? In exchange for knocking all my shows off by twenty minutes, I had to listen to President Dumbass tell me stuff that either wasn't true or was failing miserably. He gave no new way of defeating ISIS, actually arguing the steps he was taking were working even though no rational person anywhere agrees, including the military. Then, he went off on guns, as if that was the big problem here, and then talked about how all Muslims are not bad as the TV screams about yet another attack somewhere by Muslim extremists. Easily one of the worst oval office speeches that said nothing new and just regurgitated the usual brand of crap most of us are tired of. This is why Trump is rising in the polls because Obama seemed to have missed the part where Muslim extremists are killing us across the planet and political correctness may have helped this latest attack when people were afraid to report their neighbors for fear of being labeled racist. You can't have it both ways Obama. They are a threat yes, and that should be addressed as well as warning the knuckle heads out there not to target every Muslim. I know you're half out the door but for God's sake be a freaking leader for once.

4)San Bernadino Conspiracy Theories- Some people have way too much time on their hands. Fresh off the latest round of crap from Sandy Hook truthers who are pissed that the latest book claiming the whole thing was hoax (it wasn't!) is banned from Amazon. Good, as the book excerpts I have read are easily dismissed nonsense. There is plenty of evidence there were no crisis actors and the school was fully functioning at the time as transcripts of local PTA meetings there are available on line. Now we have people claiming that early reports of three shooters and that they were white is evidence of a cover-up and not the reality that eyewitnesses are the least reliable form of proof there is. This WAS a terrorist attack as all the evidence points that way. This is not a false flag. Grow up.

3)Turkey/Russia spat- This situation is getting worse with each passing day. Unbelievably, British planes were given the okay to shoot down Russian planes if so necessary. Yeah, that won't start WW3 or anything. Turkey and Russia are still going at it with diplomacy between the two all but dead. Turkey has invaded into Northern Iraq, pissing the Iraqis off, under the guise of fighting ISIS but may be after oil fields in the North near Mosul. Russia is bombing the Turkish border, infuriating the Turks more. This is one bullet away from nuclear disaster.

2)Donald Trump- He's getting a lot of heat for his anti-Muslim actions, but reality is his base loves this. I do not agree that holding a whole religion responsible for the actions of some is a good idea but I also do not disagree on him that our vetting process sucks. Dumber things he said this week include stopping the Internet, as if that is a thing that is possible, and preventing US Muslims from returning home, which would be unconstitutional, which have done nothing to dent his poll numbers. The fact that the rest of the GOP is even dumber may be why.

1)Mitch McConnell- This week, in a solely political move,  he removed the 9/11 liability fund from a transportation bill because democrats refused to give him some big break for oil companies. As a result, all the brave men and women who tried to clean up after 9/11 and are now sick because our government lied about the air quality, will lose the health insurance subsidies they were getting, helping them pay for expensive treatments, that the US is responsible for. This is an abomination and a slap in the face to those that did nothing but try to help. John Stewart has tried to get some press about this but as always, they were too busy storming through the terrorist's home in vain hopes of finding some clue the FBI missed. They may be incompetent but no one is THAT stupid. McConnell should be impeached for being a traitor if this language isn't put back in immediately and anyone who actually voted for this ass should take a long hard look in the mirror because you are a dick too. So congratulations McConnell and his supporters you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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