Monday, December 7, 2015


Democrats and Republicans are all going after one another over who to blame over the shooting rampage by two ISIS sympathizers. Democrats have, of course, gone after guns while Republicans echo their desire to have one armed regardless of mental status. Both arguments suck and as a result, once again nothing will change.

Obama gave a speech from the Oval Office last night, only his third since President, and said nothing of any importance or relevance. Shocker. We can all plainly see that what our idiot President is doing is NOT working, yet all I heard was "stay the course." Are you fucking kidding me at this point? There was nothing of any real hope that this man has the slightest grasp as to what we are up against and his ignorance is going to get a lot of people killed.

A Fox News analysis pundit, Ralph Peters, called Obama a "total pussy," and he's not wrong. I liked just about everything about Jimmy Carter except his pacifism which set the stage for problems we are sill facing today, which is why I consider him one of the worst presidents ever. One of the reasons George W Bush was THE worst president ever was he was also a baby who refused to use overwhelming force against any of the countries we attacked, even if we wrong for attacking at least one of them, thus leading to all the problems we have today. War should only be used as a last result, but if you do use it, knock your opponent into next week and stop worrying about civilian casualties. In today's day and age, it is impossible to not kill civilians, especially when women and children are being used as soldiers.

If we want to win against ISIS, who several on the Republican side are rightfully comparing to fights against fascism, we had better be prepared to fight this as an actual war and not the skirmish crap we have been doing ever since WW2. Start bombing all ISIS controlled areas and turn them and everyone in it to dust. If we kill 10,000 for every one they do, they won't have much fight in them for too long as they will all be dead. We have to start leaning hard on countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia to modernize or face economic issues. Most importantly, we have to get off of oil which with today's tech is not that far fetched of we really want to do it. A side benefit will be helping the environment that even Exxon Mobil noted in a recent report that said if the Republicans get their way the Earth could heat 7-12 degrees by the end of the century and then, their business will be bankrupt because most of the people will be gone. When oil companies are starting to catch on over the right wingers, you know the world has turned upside down.

The biggest take away from this is something I have been telling people for months now: there is no safe vetting process to protect us from vengeful idiots. The female shooter's background should have raised numerous red flags, including her alleged attending of the infamous Red Mosque in Pakistan that preaches hateful shit and should have been bombed out of existence years ago. And before you remind me that Pakistan has nukes, there is no reason special forces couldn't get in, blow the place up and make it look like locals did it. That is how you attack things like this without tanks and planes and plausible deniability. If the people get caught, you Mission Impossible them and deny any ties to the US. The main thing is to do so you do not get caught and it could be possible, especially if you use Middle Eastern looking soldiers.

Now intelligence has also surfaced that ISIS has been using the refugee plan to get into the US or other countries, a not so far fetched idea as that is exactly what happened here. The democrats bent over backwards to tell us that there was no way the highly vetted refugee program would ever allow terrorists in and then find one used an equally complicated fiancee visa to get into here with little vetting due to budget issues. A spokesperson said as much the other day. Yet, allowing Syrian and other Muslim refugees in are still on the books. This is a recipe for disaster.

The Republicans should likewise be ashamed of themselves for shooting down background checks for all as well as unbelievably one that would not allow anyone on the no fly list from getting guns. Then they turned around and gutted Obamacare, Planned Parenthood funding and took money away from mental health services. Outrageous.

The polls show Bernie gaining, Hillary slaughtering most in the general election (as well as Bernie) while the Republicans set themselves up for yet another Presidential loss. Even when the democrats do something stupid, as their defense of the refugee program and insistence that ISIS is not a problem, the Republicans do something even dumber.

ISIS has been trying to get WMDs and has outlined a plan for world domination. This is the kind of ideology that cannot be tolerated and peaceful methods would take a generation to take hold. Our only option at this point is to treat ISIS like a cancer and destroy it once and for all. We can't follow Obama's lead to nowhere because that way is a sure fire path to a much bigger problem and perhaps, billions dead. ISIS is a problem, Muslims are NOT peaceful (neither are Christians or Jews or any other religion) and we have start looking at this factually and not through liberal rose colored glasses. Make no mistake that this IS a clash of civilizations as Muslim and Christian, even Western, ideals are not compatible. In the end, I'll pick the one that only targets gays and abortion clinics and once the Muslims have gone the way of the dinosaur, we can go after them next. Now mind you, I am not advocating violence against anyone, just a statement of fact over how the world is going to go. If we continue down this path, it is only a matter of time that out inaction leads to thousands or much more, dead. And after that happens, genocide will be the flavor of the day for both sides.

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