Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Holy God, I don't know how many more of these I can take. The winners were Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders who both were most likely doing cartwheels over the possibility of beating any of these idiots in a landslide next year. The losers were people like myself who sat through the entire debacle wondering how in the hell anyone could support any of these idiots with a straight face. Here is a break down of the entire debate:

Donald Trump- I will build a wall, get rid of the Muslims, bring back slavery and make white people great again.

Ted Cruz- I will carpet bomb the enemy but do it in a civilized way. And Russia if I feel like it.

Marco Rubio- I will remain calm, cool and collective which explains why my poll numbers have gone nowhere because obviously Republicans are addicted to chaos.

Ben Carson- I will end North Korea by depriving them of oil. Oh, we don't give oil to them? Nevermind.

Carly Fiorina- I will continue to defy explanation as to why I am even here. Oh and don't forget I ran HP into the ground and will also attack Russia at the drop of a hat.

Jeb Bush- I will continue to come across as weak, whinny and incapable of speaking in complete sentences.

Chris Christie- I too will bomb Russia back to the Stone Age if they so much as look at me funny or tell one, just one, fat joke at my expense.

John Kasich- Not to sound like a broken record, but I too will end Russia my first day in office. And Republicans need to stop harping at one another. Unless their Russian that is.

Rand Paul- I can't believe I'm losing to these guys.

That was pretty much the sum on last night for those smart enough not to watch this drivel. CNN self congratulated themselves for a job well done, even though the questions were terrible, a lot aimed at dethroning Trump rather than explaining actual policy. The first hour was nothing more than the same question about ISIS recycled a dozen different ways with half of the candidates explaining how they would start WW3 which is about as terrible a presidential policy as I can imagine.

The worst part was focus groups LOVED it. They thought Cruz and Christie were awesome in their responses, somehow forgetting that Russia has more nukes than us and we would both be radioactive dust in minutes should a real war start because of these idiots. Have we become so blase towards war, as it has barely affected us for decades, that we fail to understand that we could still lose?

Cruz may have given out classified info last night when discussing the government's questionable data gathering systems, which is being looked into by Congress as we speak. There are also similiar birth questions, ala Obama, that may or may not have merit depending on how accurate some of the "facts" about the case are. Does his mother have a Delaware birth certificate? Did both his parents renounce US citizenship to become Canadian and reverse that again four years later, and if so, does that qualify as "natural born?" Hey you guys started this crap with Obama even after it was long debunked so fair is fair.

The clear losers last night were Fiorina, Bush and Carson, not to mention CNN for their awful questions. Fiorina faded into the background and every time she tried to insert herself into the conversation, the moderators quickly cut her off, which is one of the few positive things I would say about them. She said she would spank Russia if they got too big for their britches, a policy agreed on by half of those on stage and should be grounds for dismissal for the running. This bitch needs to go.
Hugh Hewitt is an idiot who asked several terrible questions and was rightfully booed a few times. Blitzer is a fool 24/7 anyway so no surprise there. The worst were the video questions that came from Idiot America and had the weight and presence of piece of belly button lint. Was there really no better questions than the three or four used that were somehow worse than anything Blitzer or Hewitt asked all night? I am sick of fairness and non-objectivity when Republicans stay stupid shit all night and then hear what a great debate it was after from a fawning press. Somewhere, Edward R. Murrow is puking his guts out.

Carson coughed and hacked his way through the debate so much I thought I was watching a commercial for throat lozenges. His sleepy demeanor is wearing thin, his past, most of which is a lie, has come back to haunt him and his knowledge of foreign matters is worse than most house pets. He fumbled on North Korea, had no opinion on immigration and seemed lost most of the night. He's done.

The hands down worst was Jeb Bush, who despite some pundits declaring what a great night he had, just lost the race. Focus groups HATED him, calling him desperate and weak, especially when he went after Trump which flopped almost every time. When Trump backhanded him with the fact that Trump is at 42% and Bush is at 3%, you could practically see teeth flying out of his mouth the blow was so hard. He got no favors here and chances are good that he is all over now. The fact that he is a mushmouth who can't go one sentence without a garbled response makes me questions if his mother didn't drink alcohol like a lush for all her children's pregnancies. That is one inbred family apparently.

The democratic debate is one Saturday. Chances are good, even I won't be watching as I have better things to do on a weekend night before Christmas than see a repeat of this tragedy. Clinton will lie and say 9/11 147 times. Bernie will remind us that this country sucks. Martin O'Malley will struggle with people trying to remember who he is. Then the media will tell us Hillary won regardless of whether she did or didn't. The primaries can't come soon enough.

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