Thursday, December 17, 2015


Some day's it is a pleasure to wake up, turn on the news and feel all is right with world. With all that sucks and blows in society, it is refreshing to see someone as douchey as Martin Shkreli getting arrested for running a Ponzi Scheme, perp walk and all. Let's see those runner ups in another shortened week.

10)Koch Brothers- These assholes are set to pump $900 million, or just shy of a billion, to get a Republican in office, unless it's Donald Trump and then do not be surprised if they switch to Hillary, as she would be far less damaging to the status quo than Trump may be. Since the arrival of Citizen's United, corporate power is on the rise and with it, the dark specter of fascism. We face a lot of uncertainty over how long we have before this new form of government becomes unstoppable.

9)Phillip Chism- The budding psychopath was just 14 when he raped and killed his teacher in a MA school two years ago. While incarcerated, he tried to strangle another female worker. His lawyers pleaded that he was insane but videos and eyewitness testimony say he knew what he was doing and is beyond dangerous. Because of Supreme Court rulings, he can neither be put to death nor given life without parole. That is dangerous as this guy can never leave prison as he is far too evil and now faces a possibility where parole may let him out again. This dick should be dead by tomorrow if common sense was available.

8)LA School System- What a bunch of pussies. This week an obvious hoax terrorist plan was announced online and these idiots panicked and closed the whole school system. The threat was so stupid and beyond belief I cannot comprehend any rational person falling for it. In it, a bullied teen said he and a gang of others had joined ISIS and were going to attack using pipe bombs and guns and many schools would be affected. Then they misspelled Allah which should have been a big clue some idiot teen wrote this who didn't want to go to school that day. To cover his tracks I guess, he sent another to NYC, who immediately didn't believe it and went about their day. Stop falling for this every time because it makes us look weak. Grow a pair and go about your day. If something like this were to happen, there would be dead Muslims knee deep across this country the next day.

7)Bill Cosby- Can this man sink any lower? This week this rapist dick actually sued seven of the women suing him for, wait for it, defamation of character. So he's mad because he raped them and then they had the tenacity to report it? That takes balls. See you on my douchebag of the year list in two weeks, mother fucker.

6)Melissa Perry Harris- What does it take for a person to get fired off of MSNBC? This week, this black racist hit bottom when she started arguing with Tea Party activist/former TV star, Janine Turner, which turned into a new low over who could out-stupid the other. It began with Harris claiming Star Wars was racist because Darth Vader was black, with a black man's voice but when his helmet came off, he was white. She does know the color black is associated with evil (because we fear the dark) and white with good (Light good), regardless of race. Sorry the genetic lottery picked that skin tone for you but understand just because life made the colors of good and evil that way, it doesn't mean we look at black people as all evil or all white people as all good. This column has people of all colors and creeds on it. Turner went on to challenge the assumption, not always using accurate terms, but far better than Harris which may be the first time in history a Tea Party supporter had better facts than an alleged reporter. This woman needs to go.

5)Debbie Wasserman Schultz- Speaking of liberal women I truly loathe, Schultz is coming under fire for her debate schedule that basically buries the next two debates in time slots that even the most die hard viewers, like me, won't be watching as I have better things to do on a Saturday night than listen to three hours of drivel which the MSM will spin in whatever direction they feel like. She screwed up the last election by giving up on it before it even started and now is trying to give us Hillary with no debate on it before hand. Like Harris, this bitch needs to go.

4)Ethan Couch- The Afflunza Kid, fresh of his being captured on video drinking at a beer pong game, and being in violation of his parole because of this, is now missing, having not been to see his probation officer all week. Oddly, the latter part is much more serious than the video and an arrest warrant has been issued for his capture. His mother is also missing and many have feared they have left the country. What a family of dicks. If he gets arrested again, he faces real time behind bars. Now that is a reality show I'd watch.

3)MSM- After the debacle that was this past Tuesday's debate, the media outlets all blew themselves on national TV, telling each other what a great job they did, regardless of the fact that the questions sucked, the followup was nonexistent, and basically it was like listening to Charlie's Brown's parents talk for two and a half hours. By the time it got to closing statement, I had already tuned out. This debate was awful, half of the people shouldn't have even been up there according to their own standards they had set out, and can we please stop having a kiddie table debate as none of those people have any reasonable chance of a single state win let alone the nomination. Start questioning the candidates and calling them on it when they lie or say something dumb which is almost always. When Fiorina started naming off generals that Obama "fired" she named one that quit to run the CIA, one who left in disgrace and another who quit six years before Obama was even President. No one at CNN noticed. Figures.

2)Republicans- What a trainwreck this past week has been. They have a budget deal that looks likely to pass which is a compromise which must taste like ashes to the Tea Party faithful. Compromise, they say, YUCK! In exchange for oil now being sold world wide, democrats got the 9/11 responders bill, some environmental deals and other left wing goodies. Then there was the debate which made all of them look like runner ups for the next election. Half of them said they'd bomb Russia if Putin looked at them funny, a third wants to deport anyone who isn't white, and all of them have economic ideas that would ruin this country. AGAIN! Does no one remember what happened when Bush and the rest of the country was run by Republicans? The economy crashed! And some of you out there want it again. Christie is a blowhard. Fiorina is unfit to run a Dunkin Donuts. Carson appears to be in a coma. Cruz is certifiable. Rubio is the establishment player running in the wring cycle for that. Jeb cannot speak in complete sentences. Leaving Trump at the top of the heap as the rest are so unpalatable. How bad does that make everyone else?

1)Martin Shkreli- The Big Pharma CEO just found out that when the world needs a scapegoat, picking the douchiest one is best. He was arrested this morning on several counts of conspiracy to commit fraud, and fraud, and now faces 20 years behind bars. I couldn't be happier. So the dick who raised two drugs that people need to live to astronomical levels may lose everything. That's funny. His past shows how he made a lot of money in just two years out of college by shorting the system, screwing people out of money and basically behaving like a non-killer psychopath. He once made money short selling a pharmaceutical company while making sure the drugs they had never saw the marketplace, netting him a lot of money with a situation he created. His whole life is filled with awful things he has done and now fate has caught up to him. I laughed myself back to sleep after finding this out this morning. So congratulations Shkreli, you are indeed douchebag of the week and a real contender for douchebag of the year. Right now the police, Republicans and Bill Cosby are also in the hunt. Be back next week for another abbreviated week due to holiday commitments.

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