Sunday, December 6, 2015


Eons ago when I went to college, I wrote a paper saying the two most likely ways the world would end was either by religion or economics and damn if both aren't competing head to head over which is going to happen. Economic reality suggest a strong possibility that sometime next year, earlier than later, our economy may implode. The sad part is due to a literal explosion of Islamic attacks worldwide, most of which you are not hearing about, things may get even worse much sooner than that. And it's not just Islam but Christianity that is making people stupid as well with dangerous fools supporting people like Cruz and Carson because of evangelicals who should be classified as mentally ill at this point. In the last week, we had two shooters who killed people due to religious beliefs that are not true. Maybe it's time we end religion altogether and start a new society devoid of out dated beliefs that fly in the face of reason. But as history shows, that won't happen without a lot of dead bodies. Let's see those runner ups.

10)Ethan Couch- Affluenza boy is back after escaping prison due to the rich being able to literally get away with murder in this country. For those who do not remember, he was 16 and drunk when he plowed into another car and killed four people. He then got off by claiming that because he grew up rich, he didn't understand consequences like everyone else. And it worked. However, as part of his probation, he was prohibited from drinking again and was consequently caught on video playing beer pong by someone who probably hated his guts and with good reason. Maybe now he can go to prison where the rest of us would have wound up in.

9)Don Blankenship- The CEO of Massey Energy was found guilty this week in a case involving the deaths of 29 miners in unsafe conditions. And what did he get for this heinous crime? A guilty verdict on a misdemeanor count that at worst will get him one year in prison. WTF? For this, the Labor Department is happy? Please! Here we have yet another case where the rich get away with murdering people and receives a slap on the wrist. If I went out and killed 29 people, the best I could hope for is life without parole. Wake up America and realize what kind of second class citizens we have become. Stop bitching about "white privilege" which doesn't exist unless you have money too. I would like you all to remember that OJ bought his freedom the same way. The court system sees only one color: green.

8)Jabari Dean, Clive Higgins and Kayla Simone McKelvey- Here we have cases of "black privilege" and racism that are just a smidgen of what happened this week in the black community. First we have Jabari Dean who was arrested for making a terrorist threat at the University of Chicago when he said he'd kill 16 white people for every bullet Laquand McDonald was shot with. Then, for some asinine reason, got sent back to house arrest from Federal Prison and a judge ordered the school he'd just threatened to take him back. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Must be nice to be black because a white guy would be facing hate crime charges, which ONLY apply to white people, years in prison and certain explusion. Meanwhile, this dick is worried about future job prospects. Fuck him. And then we have McKelvey who did much the same, sending in a fake death threats to Black Lives Matter supporters on Twitter at Kean College in NJ and making it look like white people were responsible. She faces a single count of creating false alarms. Yeah, that will teach her. Lastly we have Clive Higgins, a now former CT cop was charged this week with allegedly faking a racist letter he "found" in his mailbox. In it, the letter said thing like the KKK was coming for him, white power ruled and he didn't belong in the department all on official police stationary with letterhead. Unfortunately, his story soon fell apart and an additional officer was let go as well, who Higgins said told him to write the letter in the first place. So bitch all you want but black people are every bit as racist as everyone else.

7)Garry McCarthy- On the flip side, one of the people who helped cover up the murder of Laquand McDonald was fired this week in a vain attempt for Rohm Emmanuel to keep his job. McCarthy was the Chief of Police who was brought in to clean up one of the most corrupt departments in the country. Shocker, he failed. Even worse, recently released police reports show at least five officers lied about what happened that night and every one of them should not only be fired but brought up an charges as well. The Chicago Police Department cannot be trusted and until real change happens that is not going to change.

6)James Deen- The now former porn star got a Bill Cosby awakening when at least six porn co-stars accused him of abuse and rape. Here was a guy with cross over appeal, who even appeared in the not as bad as you would have thought The Canyons, with Lindsey Lohan, when this just ended his career. Studios have all dropped him and criminal charges may be pending in some cases. It has raised issues of consent of porn shoots and gives the struggling industry another black eye.

5)John McCain and Lindsay Graham- These two numnuts have started to actually suggest going up against Russia in some sort of lethal death wish that only they have. They do know Russia has even more nuclear weapons than us right? Thank God, Obama won versus this ass or we'd be all eating nuclear dust by now. Anyone suggesting attacking Russia is not fit to be anywhere near politics and Lindsay Graham wonders why he is near the bottom of the barrel. Go away you Southern fop.

4)Hillary Clinton- A top Jeb donor said he'd vote for Hillary over Trump any day which is what the establishment will do what they can to crush him. She didn't help her cause any this week when she repeated the long ridiculed call of 9/11 when talking about Wall Street for a second time. She does know America hated that response right? Sanders is going up according to Reuters which has a five day poll that shows a 15 point gain against Hillary. I would also like to point out that Obama was only one point off of where Bernie is at the same time period and look how that turned out.

3)Liberals and Guns- Because of the spate of shootings we have had lately, it was inevitable that gun control would raise it's ugly head. Now in some cases I think making it harder to get a gun is fine and background checks should be the norm. But banning guns altogether as some on the left want is as dumb as saying you want deport 11 million illegals. It is quite simply never going to happen. But much like Trump and his fantasies, we keep hearing about nonsense stats, like 355 mass shootings this year when the actual number is 12 and how getting rid of guns which make us safer. Just today, several people got stabbed in London by a terrorist, their condition unknown but said to be serious. In China last year, a man with a knife killed 35 people. In England, knife attacks have risen 4000% since their gun ban. People will always want to kill one another and guns are just one facet of that. I just wish the left would understand that too.

2)Republicans, Guns, and Obamacare- Not to be outdone on the stupid scale, Republicans killed a bill that would have strengthened back ground checks, which 90% of the public want, including most gun owners, as well as a bill that would have prevented people on the no fly list from getting weapons. That last one is just stupid. What possible reason do you have for that? They say it's to prevent people who might be accidentally on it. All three of them. Great. Then they went and passed yet another anti-Obamacare bill that would increase everyone's costs ten fold by getting rid of subsidies, mandatory acceptance, Planned Parenthood funds and, my favorite, cuts money to mental health clinics which is what they keep bitching about as underfunded! It faces a thankful Obama veto but understand GOPers, this is what you are voting for: the end of America as you know it when our economic and health care system fall apart once and for all. These guys suck.

1)Religion- I have officially had it with religion. Last week, we had a Christian nut bag shoot up a Planned Parenthood over a long discredited idea that they were engaging in selling illegal body parts. This week, two well off Muslims, one US born, shot up a Christmas Party at the male shooter's office, killing 14 and injuring dozens of others. These two were self radicalized idiots who epitomize everything people hate about Muslims. The fact that the wife was allowed in after a vetting process shows how unreliable said process really is. Here, the far right has a now proven point. The Germans are accusing Saudi Arabia of being part of the problem, which they are, because their Wahhabi faith is dangerous and needs to be put down. The end result is the genocide coming for Muslims. It was reported today that ISIS is seeking weapons of mass destruction to use somewhere in Europe, most likely England for retaliation for their upscaled bombing campaign against them. The first attack that kills thousands will result in people killing Muslims on a massive scale wherever they may be throughout the Western world. There will be nothing governments will be able to do to stop this as the murder rate will be overwhelming and deadly, with hundreds of thousands who will mobilize against them. The best bet will be for countries like America to activate Rex 84 and use interment camps to stop the slaughter. It was reported today that the Pentagon is actively looking at this kind of scenarios that they say may be imminent. This is a warning for all Muslims worldwide, if you know of someone who is hell bent on carrying out a terrorist threat, stop them by any means necessary. It may be as simple as one nutter killing an important figure up to a WMD attack that will end the Middle East and everyone connected to it. Your lives are in great danger. Give up religion, especially Islam, which just like Christianity, is NOT a religion of peace, but one of violence, death and destruction. All Religion needs to go and let's walk into the sunlight of reason together. But that won't happen as too many of you out there will never hear the truth, holding your fingers in your ears screaming LALALA at the top of your lungs. These people need to die and will if things go south quick. I just don't want to see it. So congratulation religious fools, you may end this world once and for all and are indeed douchebags of the week.

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