Wednesday, December 9, 2015


As a writer and a person with a love for political humor, Trump has been a gold mine. Last night, Trevor Noah called Trump "the white ISIS" and Larry Wilmore's actors in Trump themed sketches kept walking off set in a hilariously staged protest telling Trump to go fuck himself. I agree. His postulating that all Muslims are horrific people is bigoted and sad. However, he is also not wrong that we have to be doing a better job screening those coming here after the debacle that seems to have been the visa system that allowed the San Bernadino female shooter here. Even a rudimentary look at her should have disqualified her visa, especially as the address she gave was fake, which can be uncovered in seconds using a damned computer. But instead, we have idiots on the left telling us how safe allowing Syrian refugees in knowing full well their visa system is broken.

Looking up past presidents and immigration, I discovered that Jimmy Carter stopped all Iranians coming here during his tenure, allowed only under extreme conditions, like medical or humanitarian reasons. JIMMY CARTER! No one jumped down Carter's throat for that, so why is now different? And while I believe a market ban on Muslims is a bad idea, having a far more stringent visa system seems highly appropriate and necessary. Once again we have two sides talking past one another with no one actually listening to the other anymore. This is how societies die.

Obama didn't help with his utterly worthless speech the other night. He spent most of the time talking about guns, like that was the big takeaway from this, and not going after innocent Muslims for revenge, which is important. But, he seems to have left out the part that it is this "don't be racist" crap that led to people NOT reporting problems they saw next door to the California terrorists for that exact fear of being labeled racist. Sorry Mr. President, you can't have it both ways. We HAVE to profile Muslims at this point the same way we should be profiling young black men for robberies and old white men for fucking up the planet. If we were, that information haystack you cannot sort through would be much smaller and effective.

Likewise, where was the part of the speech aimed at American Muslims? Fayook's father saw signs of extremism in his son and did nothing as did several other family members. It is behavior like that that has to change, lest blowhard's like Trump get even more popular. We need Muslims to rat out their insane brethren for their own survival. Understand that if one Muslims kills the right person, say Donald Trump for example as he's painted a huge target on himself now, how do you think his followers are going to respond? If you guessed in an unrelenting orgy of death and destruction, you would be right.

It should be noted that for all the brouhaha the right is heaping on Trump, many have said equally stupid things. Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz said only Christian refugees should be let in and then showed no idea how to prove that in real world talk. Ben Carson dismissed the idea of a Muslim President, which let's face it, isn't likely to happen any time soon unless you believe Obama is a secret one, which is highly unlikely. Although, I admit it would be hysterical if after he left office he told everybody he really was a Muslim born in Kenya and there was nothing anyone could do about it now.

The press isn't much better lately with this cowardly notion that objectivity is better than being Edward R.Murrow and failing to call people out on either side of the aisle for saying idiotic crap. Liberals are showing that exact same anger as the right when many on Twitter called for the death of Trump, which is not cool even if he is a dumbass.Wesley Clark, a once time Democratic presidential candidate, said internment for Muslims may be in the cards earlier this year and is in fact being discussed behind closed doors for activation of REX 84. How come this isn't brought up by our fading fast MSM?

Trump has engaged a large portion of the country, some whom may never have voted before to voice their anger in the same way that Hitler and others like him came to power. The facts state that if more attacks happen, Trump may indeed win everything. If we start having intelligent conversations about this and stop more attacks in the process, Trump may win the nomination and stall hard in the general election. It is too soon to say which will happen.

Meanwhile, Putin just threatened ISIS with nukes saying that while he would never want to use nuclear weapons on them, the option does exist. This could also be seen as a thinly veiled threat to the West, who still seem addicted to the idea of getting rid of Assad as coalition forces may have  bombed Syrian government positions recently. Oops. There is growing evidence that all of this is over oil, where the West wants a pipeline for countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Assad would rather deal with Iran and Russia. If we just got off of oil already, this problem would be moot.

Russia has also gotten a hold of the black box from the downed plane that they say will show for a fact they never were in Turkish territory. No matter what the results, I am sure the Turks will cry about them tampering with the data, true or not. The row between them is getting worse with Turkey recently ousting Russian journalists from the country and Russia telling them they seriously thought about a military option after their plane was shot down but decided not to as they didn't want to be seen as bloodthirsty demons and have to kill a lot of Turkish people.

One of their papers, Pravda, outlines their strategy, should war happen. In it, they describe a first strike nuclear attack on all government and military targets in Turkey. Another one uses conventional weapons to decimate the country. Both scenarios suggest the West will not get involved, nor NATO, lest an all out nuclear war ensue and that is something that could go either way. If we do nothing, NATO dies with it. If we do something, we all die together. Neither option is that good but I do wonder how much we want to defend Turkey at the expense of the planet. Erdogan is an insane leader and thank God someone like him has no nukes. It is unlikely the Russians would attack with nukes first but depending on his it plays out, may use them eventually.

We are facing some dark days ahead of us with a looming economic collapse, all out war and a Trump presidency. I don't know which of those is worst.

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