Wednesday, December 23, 2015


To the tune of Hello by Adele, not that 99% of you didn't already figure that out.

Hello, it's me,
I'm lost inside a world of pure insanity.
Trump's in the lead,
God, why?
Cause the rest of these idiots running can really make you cry.

Hello, can you hear me?
I'm in California dehydrating cause water ain't where it used to be.
But now,
the GOP,
wants us all to believe climate change is one giant fantasy.

There's a problem, with us,
and millions of idiots.

Hello, from the left side.
I must have told you a thousand times,
that your religious nonsense,
has no business on
political discourse
and I hate your guts.

Hello, from the left side.
The right hates gays far and wide,
and abortion,
is a personal choice,
that is none of yours, so butt out
and I hate your guts evermore.

Hello, it's the right,
I am so sick of PC pussies that I really want to fight.
I hope
they go to hell,
where they get served donkey ass and pig balls till their stomach swells.

It's no secret,
That all of us are running out of time.

Hello, from the right side
Hillary's a demon with a huge behind,
She is awful,
and lies all the time,
and we will do whatever we can
to make her lose.

Hello, from the right side,
Let me scream about Benghazi for the millionth time.
And Obamacare,
let's not forget that
and repeal it again,
as we hate it's guts evermore.

Oh, Evermore
Oh, Evermore
Oh, Evermore

Hello, from the normal side,
you guys are crazy left and right wise,
How did we
get to be this
sad and stupid,
and pathetic all at the same time.

Hello from the sane side,
stop acting like children playing in high tide
you'll kill us all,
trying to save your sorry hides,
as we all drown
because of you, goodbye.

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