Monday, December 14, 2015


Here we sit on the verge of another Presidential debate, one that could be the worst yet as Wolf Blitzer is the moderator and Ted Cruz inexplicably is on the rise. What is wrong with this country to see that man as President? Why pick someone hated across the political spectrum? How do you think the rest of the world will treat us with that moron in office?

Republicans have officially lost their minds. This past week we saw Mitch McConnell hold up the 9/11 first responders bill for political reasons and pass an anti-health care bill which would cause insurance premiums to skyrocket in price, eliminate subsidies and effectively destroy health care for everyone once and for all. Their plan is NO plan, yet some of you out there are happily voting for these retards with gay abandon. Let's take a closer look at the people some of you are thinking would be a great leader of the free world.

Donald Trump- For all the insane nonsense this guy has been spouting about stopping all Muslims from coming to this country, a lot of what he says makes sense. He truthfully called Turkey and Saudi Arabia out for funding ISIS, which they are. He has rightfully pointed out our vetting system is crap as we somehow lack the ability to verify addresses and cannot even look at social media pages. We spy on everyone rather than look at those that might be willing to cause us harm, which then gets lost in a sea of useless information. Say what you like about Donald Trump, he is the only one running for President on the GOP side who isn't either completely nuts or a bought and paid for politician. He's also only one of two that has any chance of winning. There is also the strong possibility he runs as a third party candidate if he loses the nomination, all but guaranteeing the democrats win again in 2016.

Ted Cruz- Where to start with this ass? He has zero people skills. He is hated on both sides of the aisle. His solution to anything seems to be nuke em back to the Stone Age. Cruz is a thorn in the side of the GOP as unlike Trump, if he gets the nod, there is a 100% chance he loses in a landslide. People will show up in droves to vote against him. Trump does have some cross aisle appeal, regardless of what that media keeps telling you, even though much like most of the candidates, chances are good he will still lose. Much like the midterm elections, this one is not shaping up well for the GOP. With Cruz at the top, it's a disaster.
Ben Carson- Carson went to the Middle East to bolster his non-existent foreign policy and faded from prominence in the meantime. His numbers have plummeted as even the strongest supporter said he doesn't have what it takes to be President. which he doesn't. Carson is a brilliant neurosurgeon. He is not even a plausible politician. Much like Herman Cain in 2012, his days are over as a candidate. Much like Trump, he has threatened a third party run. Good luck with that.

Marco Rubio- The only person running who has the best chance of winning still is stuck in the mid range numbers. He's young, articulate and Hispanic, as well as full of terrible Republican ideas that GOP voters love for some retarded reasons. Yet he seems to be incapable of getting out of fourth/fifth place. Is it because he doesn't come across as a insane lunatic that voters have shied away from? More likely it is the GOP voter who has had it with establishment Republicans who have been promised things will get better for decades and nothing ever has. You would think democratic voters would get the same message and dump Hillary, but no.

Chris Christie- The fat man from NJ has been rising in the polls, now placing second in NH regardless of the fact that he has run his state into the ground, has demonstrated a tenacity to punish his foes regardless of legal matters, and a temperament better suited for a major league baseball umpire than President. He's still better than Ted Cruz.

John Kasich- I am stunned he's still running after his last dismal debate performance. It's all of nothing after tomorrow night.

Jeb Bush- Will Farrel said it best this past weekend when acting as Jeb's brother George he commented that who would have seen plot twist that he was the smarter one. Jeb has blown through $50 million dollars in ads, most of which are in my area which run non-stop, while seeing his numbers actually tick lower. Time is running out in his campaign that after tomorrow might be game over.

Carly Fiorina- She was actually arguing on CNN this past week that the proven edited Planned Parenthood videos weren't, even though the guy who made them said they were. This level of delusion is just sad and unworthy of her even running for President at this point. As her numbers have fallen off the map, I am stunned she is even on the main stage still.

Rand Paul- This will be his last hurrah before exiting the race. His hopes are lower than Jeb's.

The remaining four in the kids debate are just fooling themselves and should be following Bobby Jindal out the door. We'll see how this all turns out when I return on Wednesday will full coverage over what should be an interesting debate. Considering how little I care about the democrat one on Saturday, it is doubtful I will even watch it. Hillary will lie and scream about 9/11, Bernie will speak the truth and be ignored and O'Malley will fight for the VP spot. The media will then declare Hillary the winner and I will die a little more inside. 

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