Thursday, December 3, 2015


A common theme lately is how nobody trusts anything anymore and with good reason: everyone is lying to you. Check out the meme below for clarification and tell me it's not true.

Our media has become a laughable parrot of the government and corporate interests that is getting closer and closer to North Korea style news everyday. I am sure most of you have heard the stat that there have been 355 mass shooting just this year. I can find no evidence this fact is true, yet everyone keeps repeating it, proving Hitler right and that if you lie long enough, people will believe you. Mother Jones, hardly a NRA support group, states there have been 35 mass shootings since 2006, which seems much closer to reality once things like gang wars and drug violence are removed.

 The problem with the stat being told over and over is that it excessively vague even by FBI standards. It includes people injured and not killed, the perp himself if hurt and innocent people the cops may have shot, which if you live in NYC is not a small issue as those guys can't hit the broad side of a barn. Some of those described as injured in this stat also include those hit by glass, pavement of other objects while running away. This kind of trickery, greatly overstates the number to meaningless aspects. The fact this stat comes from a crowd sourced website,, should make this as ridiculed as Trump was for putting up a false meme about how black people kill white people some ridiculously high number that was likewise gotten from a spurious blog. He gets vilified while the MSM repeats similiar nonsense with no consequences and then people wonder why nobody cares when he lies.

Even the FBI has said the stat is wrong and even by their lax standard, only 21 mass shootings have happened this year. While that may be 21 too many, it is way lower than the 355 incidents we keep hearing that HAS NOT HAPPENED. This is not up for debate. This number does not exist according to every stat I could find and reading statistics is what I do for a living. This seems awfully stupid to not check these facts before reporting them meaning our MSM is either wholly incompetent or actively trying to get rid of guns in this country. You decide which is right.

The shooter so far could be a terrorist, which seems not as far fetched anymore, given his background, but also may have had some beef with his co-workers too. Either way, the fact that he is Muslim is not going to go well with a xenophobic society already pissed at immigrants and Muslims. I am still unsure about the identity of the woman he was with who also died. The MSM say he was his wife but the suspect has a different last name than either him or his brother in law and there are conflicting reports that his wife is missing. This is par for the course though as information is dribbling out. I still see no evidence this didn't happen exactly as the authorities said.

That is not to say we shouldn't have better background checks, better mental health services and other reforms that we hear about but nothing gets done. The Republican refuse to change gun laws one bit and Democrats refuse to see mental illness as a serious problem as well as they are too fixated in eliminating guns across the board. This has to change and soon or there really will be mass shootings every day.

Far more funny is the fact that White Student Unions are cropping up nationwide, a direct slap to minorities trying to turn being white into second class status. I believe in equality but like some feminists, when you talk about being superior, can shove it. The MSM has been covering this story as if it was a hoax by white supremacists, but it turns out that there really are those trying to start them for the sole purpose of exposing the hypocrisy of the militant BLM theme. I agree with them when they talk about cops shooting unarmed black men, but get upset when they start talking about minority outreach, safe spaces, and racist views toward whites.

University of CA Santa Barbara has an actual White Student Union, organized by actual students who then gave this list of "demands" to the president, an obvious joke to show how idiotic some BLM crap really is:

“WE DEMAND the creation of a White Student Development Resource Center, to be named the Napoleon Bonaparte Resource Center, with a designated office space as well as safe space for hosting events, at a central campus location.”

“WE DEMAND the hiring of two permanent full-time admissions staff members of non self-hating European descent and a series of enhanced recruitment strategies, with a budget of $300,371, to recruit students of European descent to UCSB. We maintain that this funding comes from the Chancellor’s office and not from the division of Student Affairs.”

“WE DEMAND that UCSB provide an additional stipend to campus police officers to patrol campus grounds and the Isla Vista community in an effort to more effectively discover and subsequently root out and punish any and all forms of speech that are deemed offensive to students of European descent, including but not limited to: “Cracker,” “Stupid white people”; “OMG, you are so white”; “Where are you from?”; “No, I mean like what part of Europe?”; “Wow, I bet you get sunburned really easily!”; “you wouldn’t understand because you’re white”; “don’t eat this; it’s too spicy for you”; “honky” (and any variants thereof); “Surrendering like a Frenchman!”; and so forth. Currently, campus police officers are simply not equipped to provide UCSB white students a safe space. Saying any of the things listed above should merit immediate expulsion and arrest in order to effectively maintain a safe space.”

“WE DEMAND that UCSB and campus police immediately prohibit on pain of expulsion and imprisonment any future parties and other festivities at UCSB or in Isla Vista that have the following (non-exhaustive list of) themes that may further marginalize and trigger white identities and white-identified students: Charlie Sheen Theme; a France Theme; a Britain Theme; a St. Patrick’s Day Theme; an Irish Theme; a Scotland Theme; a Spain Theme; an Andorra Theme; a Switzerland Theme; a Swiss Theme; a Belgium Theme; a German Theme; an Austria Theme; an Italy Theme; a ‘King and Queen’ Theme; a Catholics vs. Protestants Theme; a George Washington Theme; a Colonial Theme; a Pirate Theme; a Denmark Theme; a Finland Theme; an Iceland Theme; a Portugal Theme; an Oktoberfest Theme; a Ukraine Theme; a Belarus Theme; a Hungary Theme; a Slovakia Theme; a Czech Republic Theme; a Norway Theme; a Croatia Theme; a Bulgaria Theme; a Russia Theme; a Serbia Theme; a Greece Theme; a Netherlands Theme; a Luxembourg Theme; an Albania Theme (especially as relates to the movie ‘Taken’); and so forth.”

“WE DEMAND the creation and implementation of a mandatory White Cultural Competency Training and a Diversity Requirement, which all students and all faculty must go through to enter UCSB to foster a more diverse and inclusive environment.”

“Lastly, WE DEMAND that all UCSB administrators and faculty issue a statement of apology to faculty, staff and administrators of European descent as well as their allies, neither of whom were provided a safe space for them to thrive while at UCSB.”
That is the funniest thing I have read all year and kudos for the students there for exposing this idiocy. Micro-aggressions do not exist and if you want to have it they do, this world is going to be one boring place. Not everything is racist so get over it. We have become such a nation of pussies I can hardly take it anymore. We don't get mad when black people celebrate St. Patrick's Day or Thanksgiving, even though they are not Irish and were not at the first Thanksgiving. The reason why is we want to be inclusive to all not just a select group. Black people are segregating themselves more and more and no good can from that. All lives matter includes everyone while BLM means ONLY black lives matter. Can you not see how that is making white people mental? We are all together in this fast fading world. We will survive it better together than apart.

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