Thursday, April 2, 2015


If you can't see that the United States is filled to the brim with angry, angry people, you really aren't looking. We have become so separated a society and so downtrodden by corporatism that many of us seem to be a hairs breath away from hulking out on a grand scale. I've been that way my whole life and now it seems as if everyone is catching up to me. However, like Bruce Banner, I have learned to control my violent temper by pretty much always being angry and just not letting it bother me. Everyone else seems to be on a full on boil 24/7. We see it on the road ways, at supermarkets, at work, even at home and it is destroying us as a society.
Twitter mobs have become all the rage, pardon the lousy pun, and are being used to destroy people, business and ideas alike, regardless of the merit involved. On occasion, they are being used as a force for good, as in against Indiana's idiotic anti-gay laws. They are also used for evil pretty much everywhere else lately where they are being used to destroy anyone who has a different opinion than them, like Trevor Noah. When did the USA become a country filled with such pussies whose delicate sensibilities are upset by the smallest gesture? When did freedom of speech become so PC?

There is a fine line between tolerance and bigotry and Christians have flaunted that rule to a T. Mike Pence wanted anti-gay laws, got anti-gay laws and somehow failed to understand that a solid majority of this country no longer support such views. It would be the same as if it were 1970 and some idiot had a "No blacks allowed," sign on his front door. That owner wouldn't last the week even back then and today's justice is even quicker.

In what can only be described as the stupidest thing I have seen all year, Memories Pizza has closed their doors one day after saying they would never cater a gay wedding (as if that was ever a possibility) but would not turn away gay customers. This set up the Twitter mob who may have effectively destroyed this business, getting hundreds of one star reviews on Yelp. Not to be outdone, Christians have set up a fund raising program for these morons, raising $140,000 so far. These are all the same assholes who keep voting in Republicans retards over and over again.
Here's the thing about business: everyone spends the same and discrimination is discrimination regardless of how you spell it. If you are a Christian bakery and someone wants you to make a penis shaped cake, you have every right to deny service. The same would go if a Satanist wanted a pentagram cake, or an atheist wanted a dead God cake. However, if a gay couple just wants a frigging cake, make it for them, do a good job, take their money and shut up about it. The same goes for pizza. If someone wants you to cater a gay wedding, think of how much money you'll make and suck it up. That's called tolerance. Tolerance is not the gay guy tolerant of your backward, shitty attitudes. He'll respect your Christian beliefs and not piss all over them like some do with gay lifestyles if you just accept the fact that times have changed and gay people are an accepted part of life. Stop acting like the KKK circa 1969.

Then comes the opposite side in cases like the newly named Daily Show host Trevor Noah. I have been a fan of his for some time as I follow new stand up acts when ever I can, and his humor is edgy and funny. It's apparently super offensive to the most thin skinned out there and our news media loves to run with a crap story that has no bearing on anything rather than report the news. And then they wonder why people like myself, Bill Maher and most of the public thumb their nose at them. MSNBC has been in a ratings collapse lately because they are so inept at reporting the news. Liberals are for the most part an educated bunch, and while they are not always the smartest people, they are usually heads and shoulders above the mouth breathing conservative crowd. But here is a solid example of liberals jumping all over someone who not being liberal enough, as if that's a thing.

Bill Maher went off about this last week when Dolce and Gabbana set up a firestorm when they rightfully questioned designer babies but then went way to far questioning gay adoption, which is odd as both of the designers are gay. The Twitter mob ignited and now Elton John is at war with the two which would be quiet a slap fight in real life. Maher asked how liberal is too liberal? When does it become religion? If vegans are looking at vegetarians and sneering, you've become an elitist, something I have worked very hard to not be. I have friends who have PHD's. I also have friends who barely graduated high school. I like both equally. The funny part is that for the most part, no matter where these people are on the socio-economic scale, they are color blind and accepting. The Twitterverse seems far less so.
Trevor Noah sent some tweets about fat girls, Jewish people, and blacks, which has gotten many a liberal's panties in a bunch. Fox News wrote an un-ironic article titled, "How Trevor Noah picks on the powerless." Have they ever watched their own network which does nothing but pick on the powerless? I have seen more bullshit about food stamp fraud, which does not exist, than them standing up for the downtrodden. Or eliminating takers from the welfare rolls for jobs that do not exist. All Fox News does is pick on the powerless. Where's the Twitter mob for that?

Jokes are jokes and if you don't find them funny maybe that's on you and not the comedian. Grow a pair comes to mind. We have coddled each other for so long that it is coming back to haunt us, especially the younger generation raised on a culture of equality and fairness, being giving participation awards and scoreless baseball games, that in no way prepares them for the real world. The Internet was connected us, for better or worse (mostly worse) as the fringe finds way to scream and howl about every perceived slight, whether it exists or not while the MSM eagerly feeds off it.

Closing down places like Memories is the way we should be using the Internet. Bigotry needs to go, in all forms and that includes the idea that black self-segregation is a good thing. We need to integrate society not disallow. Gay people are here to stay. Deal with it.

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