Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Over just the last few days, economic news has flatlined strongly suggesting another crash may be on the horizon. Yet ANOTHER cop has been caught executing a black man, then lying about it, unaware the whole thing was caught on tape. And the verdict for the Boston Bomber is due any minute, even though the less stable out there are still harping on how it didn't happen as well as Sandy Hook School nonsense. Some people are really gullible.
Let's start with the big news story and that is the fact that many are stating to see the police as the problem and a push to get rid of them in areas in NYC by a group calling themselves "Disarm NYPD," is attempting to do just that. This has worked in other places in the US where the local force was eliminated and replaced with private citizens and crime dropped by as much as 60% in some places meaning police are causing more crime, most likely by inventing crap to arrest people. The reason for that is that modern day police forces are nothing more than attack brigands sent forth by the government and private corporations to collect their pound of flesh. With revenue generating, arrest quotas and forfeiture laws, we have turned the police force into a parody of itself, grabbing money and people to throw into for profit jails and turning our public into slave labor. Companies such as Wendy's, McDonalds, Walmart (as well as at least a dozen others) all use prison labor to cut their costs and increase their profits, none of which is seen by their customers or employees.
Private prisons, along with profit raising by the cops, make them obsolete and maybe we should be thinking about getting rid of them completely. Take yesterday's big story about a SC cop, Mike Slager, who is of course white, who shot a black man in the back while he has running away. He then lied about the whole story, may have even moved a Taser nearer to the body to back up his bullshit story and then watched his world come crashing down as a video appeared contradicting everything he said. He is now facing murder charges. Had that video not come forward, this never would have been reported beyond the local news and a quick beat at that. Unlike the Mike Brown case, this is Eric Gardner all over again where a black man was being arrested for questionable charges (a broken taillight and child support) and then was executed when he didn't immediately comply. Now running from the cops is stupid, but in no way does that equal a death sentence. Was Slager just too lazy to run after him?

This also brings up another point that every single person I know in the military agrees with: ex-military make terrible police officers. Slager is an ex-marine meaning he is a trained killer, as the video shows. Being a cop means putting yourself in harms way first, not kill anyone who pissed you off. One of the reasons for the slew of bad press is people becoming cops who should never be in the force in the first place. One of the best jobs I ever had, and the best boss, was an ex-cop who quit the force after they kept hiring morons, and dangerous ones at that, because of racial quotas or because they were ex-military. In a weird coincidence, one of the same people he quit over was the same cop who beat the crap out of two of my friends for no reason and then lied about the whole thing. Small world. I don't hate cops by any means. However, I have had the misfortune of meeting some terrible police officers in my day, including one who got fired for the way he handled my case, dragging me through two years of court with zero evidence and harassing my witnesses. His dress down by the judge was a favorite moment of mine. I can only imagine how the black community must feel.
Meanwhile the economy continues to fall apart and the numbers the government are giving out are so laughable, even some MSM sites are noticing. had a scathing article today linked below:

In it, some enterprising person familiar with math actually looked at the government numbers and were shocked to discover they were all fake. Unemployment numbers? Bullshit. Inflation rates? Total crap. And the Wall St economists who predicted all of this? Wrong nearly 50% of the time. Wow, my local forecaster has better odds than that predicting the weather two weeks out. As always the government quietly revised their unemployment numbers way down to a dismal 189,000 of which approximately 100,000 do not exist, or "phantom jobs" as they are called. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of statistics knows the birth death model is woefully antiquated and 90% of the new jobs being created are minimum wage.
Because of this, we have an economy wildly out of whack with reality. Credit card debt is expanding not shrinking, banks have stopped loans by tens of billions since the beginning of the year (at least $40 billion so far this year) and the government is now stuck with super low interest rates and no further way to stimulate the economy when interest rates rise, which may decimate the overleveraged derivative market. The German bank Duesseldorfer Hypothekenbank AG nearly collapsed after a margin call on its derivative portfolio demanded higher collateral, which it didn't have. Other banks had to come to its rescue as the domino effect could have toppled their economy. You'll be hearing about that on the nightly news never.

Many, like Australia, are talking about negative interest rates, like some European banks have done, meaning you will have to pay banks for the privilege of having an account. It seems a very bad idea as I can't see a lot of Americans having a bank account at that point. Bit coin here I come at that point.

Lastly, Dzhokhar Tsataev has been found guilty of everything and now faces an almost certain death penalty charge as well. There are still some weak minded individuals who think this whole thing was staged, commenting on backpacks and some weak videos, not to mention crisis actors, smoke bombs and fake blood. Sigh. I know people who were there as I live in the area. It happened just like they said it did. There is no conspiracy. Let it go. There are still some beating a dead horse over Sandy Hook as well, my favorite being the school was actually closed since 2008. Think about how stupid a statement that is. I have no kids but I live near several schools. If any one them closed, I would notice. So for that school to have closed since 2008 and no one living nearby noticing is full on fantasy mode. There are real conspiracies out there. Neither of these are it.
We need to face facts that this country may be on an irreversible downward slide. Also know, we can still fix this but we are running out of time. Start using the Twitter mobs to take down the powerful, the connected. Start realizing that black people and white people need each other just like gay people and religious people. Rich people are the enemy. Start treating it as such.

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