Sunday, April 12, 2015


I think it is safe to say that the police force at this point has gone way too far and maybe we should be talking about a drastic de-escalation of our laws and our police force. This week alone has seen several high profile beatings, several executions and way too many to count cases of police stupidity. If this was any other group, severe restrictions would have already been in place and if we don't do something soon, the good cops who actually do their jobs well (and who do exist) are going to be lumped in with the rest of these losers who need to be fired stat. Let's see those runner ups.
10)Terminix- The pest control company is in serious trouble after almost killing an entire family in Barbados this week. A family arrived at the condo, unaware that the company was fumigating the apartment downstairs, without notifying anyone of course. Even worse, they were using a pesticide banned in the US since the eighties and was never to be used inside in the first place. The mom was released soon after, but the rest of the family was in critical condition and whose fate is at this point unknown. Terminix is going to pay for that and checking a compliant site, they do not have that stellar a reputation in this country either garnishing a star and a half out of five for reviews. Yuck. Apparently, stay away from Terminix.

9)Jodi Ernst- One of the dumbest women on the face of this earth, and currently a junior Senator from Iowa, tried to tell the world this week that Jesus hates poor people and used a parable in the Bible to back up her claim. Unfortunately, as someone who has read the Bible a billion times, I knew exactly what passage she was taking about and knew immediately she has misread the whole thing as Jesus was talking about wasting money not picking on poor people, as if that was even possible. This woman is dumber than the pigs she used to castrate. Way to go Iowa. Way to go.

8)Carly Fiorina- Another candidate for dumbest woman on the planet, this brain power is seriously thinking about running for President, making Sarah Palin the second stupidest woman to seek high office. For those who do not know, Fiorina ran HP into the ground and was fired in 2005. She was also voted one of the top twenty worst CEO's in American history. Wow. Her attempt to become a Senator in CA resulted in a walloping and even Fox News didn't take her seriously, actively destroying her in one segment when she refused to answer the simplest of questions. My favorite this week is when she blamed environmentalists for the "man-made" drought in CA, deftly ignoring all the scientific data to the contrary. Some pundits say she could be the answer to Hillary but only if Hillary has a stroke and becomes severely brain damaged. I may not like Hillary, but this woman is a joke.
7)Russian Hackers- This week, Russian hackers tried to infiltrate the White House, seemingly unaware that things like this could start a nuclear war. Relations between the two countries are at record low for modern times and we have entered what appears to be a new cold war. They got in supposedly and stole nothing of any real importance but we wouldn't be told if they actually did so that report is meaningless. The point is if this is state sponsored, relations between the US and Russia will continue to deteriorate.

6)Rolling Stone- This magazine, like almost every other one it seems, has become a parody of itself. Once known for hard hitting journalism, it has fallen on hard times, terrible stories, questionable reviews (five stars for the new U2 album? Really? And I like U2.) and the worst investigative reporting on Earth. They were forced to completely retract their rape story on the campus of the University of Virginia after which they fired their entire editorial staff. Oh wait, actually no one got fired. Not the editor. Not the reporter. No one. This is how life works now in this country. 90% of us have to walk on eggshells, worried that the smallest thing will get us fired, but have a cushy job and you can kill someone and not worry about repercussions. Fuck off Rolling Stone and go back to reviewing really shitty music that you give glowing reviews to, like the last Kanye West album.

5)Hillary Clinton- Not to woman bash on this site today (I still love you Liz Warren), but Hillary is about to announce her candidacy and the world waits with bated breath and ZZZZZZZZZZZ. I was at a party last night with a lot of left leaning individuals and no one was really thrilled with this choice. They hate the GOP side but Hillary wasn't exactly making them do a dance either. I hope we find someone, anyone, who might blind side her, as Obama did, and leave her bleeding on the side of the campaign trail once again. No more dynasties please.
4)Justin Bieber- I will give the guy some credit as he didn't break down in tears during the roast where Chris D'Elia torched him among others and his mea culpa at the end showed some remorse. But now the pop star has had a warrant issued for his arrest in Argentina stemming from a fight where he ordered his bodyguards to rough up a photographer in 2013. I have no idea if there is any merit for this but I still hate his music which is barely that. The kid had talent but squandered it on drugs, forgettable pop songs and no new music in three years. His best bet is to have a come back with a Justin Timberlake-like turnaround to grown up music or else face the evaporation of his base as they age out. Time to grow up Biebs.

3)Missouri- Why must the dumbest people all seem to reside in all the red states? This week, a bill with no hope of passage was introduced that would prevent people on food stamps from using it to buy chips, soda, cookies, steak or seafood. WTF? Why is it okay to tell poor people how to live their lives but then have a fit and fall in it whenever someone tries to do the same to you? And you can guess which party put forth this onerous bill. How come all the red states get more money than they pull in yet constantly harp about the takers in this country? Pot, kettle, black guys.

2)Kansas-The only state dumber than Missouri right now which the people who reside there have no one to blame but themselves. How stupid do you have to be to re-elect a governor who has proceeded to ruin the state for the last four years? Unlike Missouri, they actually did pass a law that would restrict welfare users from using their money at places like tattoo parlors, nail salons and movie theaters. So these people should just sit home all day and count their lucky stars they are not homeless I guess. It's their money, let them do what they want with it. You know what isn't not allowed? Guns. Of course. Not only that, but they also removed all laws for concealed carry so that now anyone can do so without all that intrusive eight hours of course work before. How soon before someone gets shot doing something stupid?
1)Mike Slager and the Police- This asshole from SC just did more damage to the police force that just about any human before. He was caught on tape executing a black guy and then attempting to cover it all up. Even worse, at least four other cops also conspired to help him do it. This is a serious problem. Later this week, we also had ten San Bernadino cops put on leave after being caught beating the crap out of white guy (for once), several more dead pets, including a 30" pot bellied pig that "was coming right at him," a Texas cop punching a pregnant woman in the face, a cop executing a woman because he thought she might be smoking pot, and a dozen stories just like it. That was just this week. If heart surgeons were caught on tape being drunk on the job every day, public outcry would demand Breathalyzers before every surgery. The same is happening to cops now by a public who are questioning the over militarization of the police who have become increasingly belligerent and violent. This is resulting in a complete lack of trust from all races and will inevitably lead to stronger acts of violence against an out of control police force. Many, myself included, feel the police should be disarmed as they have shown a lack of ability to not use lethal force when none is necessary. Maybe we should have private police forces with more transparency, community policing and outside reviews of all use of force complaints as the IA has proven worthless at this point. We need to end the drug war, along with ticket and arrest quotas, private prisons and a dozen other things making us a Prison State. Cops are being used as weapons by the elites to keep us subservient and it has to stop. If we continue down this road, innocent people, both civilian and police, are going to get killed as a public rises up against them. So congratulations Mike Slager for demonstrating all of this to a public who now are seeing police as the problem and not the solution, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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