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David Brooks said in an article this week that he has begrudgingly decided that all police should be outfitted with cameras after recent debacles have come to light. His concerns were for privacy and an illogical theory that this would make police more likely to write tickets as if they were being observed in real time. But the facts this week proved that cameras help both the public and the police from unfair or just criticism.
Two incidents were caught on camera that only the families or their lawyers involved are crying police brutality while the rest of us see a justifiable action. One, caught on live TV, involved a car chase in Houston in which an unarmed black man was killed after reaching for a suspected weapon. Now unlike other cases, like the South Carolina incident in which some douche cop shot a black guy eight times in the back, this one clearly shows the criminal evade police, strike two cars and then, once his car was disabled, get out and then stupidly reach back in for something. Police rightfully filled him full of holes. Only the most liberal are crying foul on this one.

A similar story took place Arizona where a police officer hits an armed criminal with his car sending him flying into the air. Other than the lawyer who was just shocked over this, everyone I know said good for the cop and I agree. Mario Valencia, 36, had been going on a 12 hour crime spree, had just stolen a gun from a local store and was firing it into the air as well as pointing it at officers following him. The suspect lived with minor injuries meaning Officer Michael Rapiejko did the job we want ALL police to do which is apprehension of a real criminal without lethal force by using whatever tools necessary. Video shows he grazed the guy when if he wanted him dead, he would have crushed him head on, which would have been an entirely other matter. This is what cops should be, not like the examples I am about to give below.
A Detroit cop, William Melendez was fired for beating an unresisting black man pulled over for running a red light. Allegedly cocaine was found as well, a crime the man said was planted on him, which is always possible, but Melendez was fired at least. Unfortunately, like many bad cops, he will probably wind up at some other prescient tomorrow.

This is from to prove my point:

Incompetent cop keeps messing up, yet he keeps getting jobs as a cop. He is now on his 7th police department job.

He’s made headlines for using a taser on his partner – and he’s been caught on camera during an aggressive arrest. Now Highland Park police officer Ronald Dupuis is making headlines once again.
A new lawsuit has been filed against him – this time 2 women are accusing him of locking them up for 4 days without ever charging them with a crime.

Whether it’s an arrest caught on camera, shooting himself in the leg, or having to be rushed to the hospital after a police raid – Sgt. Ronald Dupuis just can’t stay out of the spotlight.

Now he’s accused of locking up Rhianna Turner and her domestic partner Kera Hill – without any evidence of a crime – for four days.

“My clients are completely terrified by any law enforcement,” says their attorney, Robert Morris.
Morris filed the lawsuit against Dupuis and the City of Highland Park. He says his clients’ constitutional rights were violated.

“Under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments, you don’t arrest people without some type of probable cause,” Morris says. “He imprisoned them for 4 days with also no probable cause.

How bad do you have to be to not get hired as a cop again? This ass should have been tossed years ago and is instead causing you the taxpayer to fund his stupidity. How long do we have to deal with this kind of boobery?

The icing on the cake for this kind of behavior has to be the case of Robert Bates, the Tulsa wanna be cop who shot an unarmed black suspect because he confused his gun for his Taser. The police there, as well as his lawyer have spent the last week defending their deputy program, plainly stating that Bates had thousands of hours of training as do all their reserve deputies. The only problem with that, is that none of that is true. Local investigators found that documents about Bates training were fake, supervisors removed, transferred or fired for failing to pass this guy and no paper trail of him even being certified to carry a weapon. WTF? The odder part is that this story has only appeared on CNN, which would make me leery except for the fact that the people they interviewed seem credible investigators and have documents to prove their point. If this is not the top story on the news tonight, know that your MSM is officially worthless as this is a BIG story.

Here's a link to that story from local news in Tulsa, which is doing a far superior job to the nationals on a daily basis lately:

Here's some highlights from that story:

Some supervisors at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office were told to forge Robert Bates’ training records, and three who refused were reassigned to less desirable duties, the Tulsa World reported.
Bates’ training has come under scrutiny since the 73-year-old volunteer deputy killed Eric Harris on April 2. Bates claims he meant to use his Taser, but accidentally fired his handgun instead.

Dylan Goforth, one of the two Tulsa World reporters on the story, said the paper starting hearing “almost immediately” from different sources that Bates’ training records had been falsified.

The newspaper said the Sheriff’s Office provided a list of the courses Bates received credit for, but did not give details such as the names of the supervisors who signed off on the training.

Ziva Branstetter, the other Tulsa World reporter, said she has been asking for the names of the supervisors involved.

“You would think the sheriff’s office, if in fact there has been no pressure applied, no falsification of records, that they would be forthcoming with these documents,” she told CNN’s “New Day.”

“We’ve asked for them. They’ve said they don’t believe they’re public records.”

This is the same bull that MA cops are trying to use, saying that they are not subject to FOIA laws as they are private companies which flies in the face of reason as they are paid with taxpayer money not private funds.
Now the Tulsa Police are crying foul over this saying the reporter won't name her sources, and who can hardly blame her on that, but at the same time makes it a he said/she said situation. That is until others start asking for the information, like Bates' certification paperwork, which Tulsa Police say they can't find. That's a big screw-up guys and makes the reporter look better than you. Other things, like getting the date he started as a reserve deputy, some say 2007, others 2008, the fact they can't find the woman who allegedly certified him and now supposedly working for the Secret Service like cell phones and computers do not exist, and the fact that even by their admission, Bates was 180 hours shy of the necessary needed to be deputized. None of this looks good and now it appears as of local police forces are being bribed by people to play cop, as Bates has certainly done, donating tens of thousands of dollars and equipment. Trained cops are bad enough. 73 year olds acting out a childhood fantasy is even worse. And why has no one asked why an elderly man was being allowed to do this? We don't allow six year olds to be cops so shouldn't that logic also be for anyone over 65? There gets an unfortunate point in one's life when you are too old to do things. I'm middle aged an even I am have severe limitation as to what I can do anymore.
The point of this is that regardless of body cameras, cops are being filmed 24/7. Some states like Texas are trying to ban that but the constitutionality of that has been overturned by every court in the nation. We are all being watched, cops included and that has both good and bad aspects as does it for the rest of us. Cops just have to wake to the fact that it occurring and there is now way to stop it so be on your best behavior guys. We will be watching and judging.

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