Sunday, April 26, 2015


The police are rapidly becoming the Republicans for this column with their innate ability to repeat week after week, this being the third week in a row being at the top of the heap. This week isn't even due to the case itself where a young black male found himself beaten to death at the hands of the police. It has everything to do with the unbelievable aftermath where they act as if they have all the time in the world to figure out what happened, when the court of public opinion has already made up their minds. Let's see those runner ups.
10)Bruce Jenner- I have no problem with transgender people of any age. If you want to dress like a woman, as long as you up front about it, or even become a woman, Mozel Tov. But there seems more to this story that just that. I seriously wonder that this may be less about being transgender and more about desperately trying to stay in the public's eye. 65 is a little late for coming out about this and with a looming divorce from wife number there, Kris Jenner, you have to question if this wasn't his way of getting another series, which E! just signed him up for. More problematic is his statement that he is also a Republican. WTF? Anyone who is gay or transgender or both AND Republican is truly delusional as this would be the equivalent of a black man joining the KKK. Get a clue guys. The Republicans party, as they are right now, do NOT want you, and voting for them sets your personal cause back decades.

9)C-SPAN- I discovered last night that depending on where you live, C-SPAN is different. In my area, they didn't air the President's speech last night, cutting away to Washington Live instead. In Boston, they ran the whole thing. Why? Even worse, they changed the time on my DVR from a solid four hour block, which would have missed the best part anyway as they cut away at 10, to hour long chunks almost causing me to miss it. Had I been out last night, I would have been pissed. I'll never tape anything off this channel again.

8)Lawyers- A lot of the problems we have today is because lawyers are out of control. Everyone can get sued for anything, no matter how trivial, which can cost upwards of five million dollars in some cases. This week we had some doozies where the parents of Mike Brown, in a desperate money grab, decided to sue the Ferguson Police Department for their kid's death, even though every single entity who looked at this said Brown was at fault, including all the forensic evidence. This is ambulance chasing at it's best and unlikely to succeed. Worse is companies like John Deere and GM suing owners from working on their trucks, claiming that copyrights on the internal software are protected and vehicles are actually more rental than owned. I Hate Lawyers.
7)Popeye's- This week the food chain fired a pregnant worker because she got robbed and then they blamed her for it. Even worse, she claims they demanded she pay back the $400 taken and when she couldn't, they fired her. Popeye's claims she was negligent in not moving the money to the safe, but she countered that it was busy and she just didn't have the time, which is believable. Much like the Baltimore Police, they have a major image problem here regardless as to who was at fault.

6)Carly Fiorina- This Sarah Palin wannabe is going to declare her candidacy using her time as CEO of HP as a resume builder, seemingly unaware she also drove the company into the ground and was voted one of the top twenty worst CEO's in American History. Ouch! Good luck on those credentials. She also has stated that California's drought was brought about by environmentalist who have refused to build new reservoirs and dams, which wouldn't have made any difference as there wouldn't have been enough rain to fill them either. But logic and physics be damned, she is a Republican and facts don't matter to them. What a buffoon.
5)Ben Affleck- I really like Ben and have known several people who have met him who say he is the nicest man. However, he really stepped in it this week when it came out that he tried to get PBS's show about ancestors of famous people to censor the facts one of his ancestors owned slaves. Why, Ben, why? This wouldn't have even a blip on the radar had it come out and now it seems so much worse. Your history is not going to change, don't make mistakes like this. My ancestors fought for the British. I don't hide it and I don't like it but that's that.

4)Scott Walker- His numbers have fallen way down since his big roll out as his latest budget was so bad, even  his fellow Republicans wouldn't vote for it. It contained drastic cuts to the poor and elderly, while showering more money on the rich. This was not only class warfare, it was class genocide and all of it was brought to you by the Koch brothers who are going to give a billion dollars to whatever candidate they decide on. Do you honestly think that this person will represent the average guy, or business as usual? It didn't help that Walker gave a speech in which he claimed to stand up for workers pay and rights, while simultaneously destroying them. What a tool and so is anyone who votes for this ass.
3)Chase Bank- These guys just became the first bank to change negative interest rates to depositors who had over $100,000 in their accounts. In other words, they changed people the privilege of holding on to their money. Even odder, when people starting moving their money out, which is logical, they didn't seem to care. This may because a massive economic disaster looms as Greece appears to be at death's door and with it $26 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Chase, over the last six months, have stockpiled silver from $8 billion worth to $55 billion worth. What do they know that the rest of us don't? Silver and gold would be the only measure of wealth of the dollar goes belly up, keeping banks afloat and the rest of us destitute. Fun.

2)FBI- These guys were a hair's breath (pun intended) from being top dig this week. Much like their bullet comparison fiasco a few years back where they found out that FBI testimony on bullet fragments were based on nothing resembling science, a new disaster has unfolded. This time it is hair samples that for over twenty years FBI "experts" testified as to their authenticity, only to be found out that none of it was true, resulting in thousands put behind bars and dozens on death row. Some of those poor bastards may have been executed and innocent and the FBI is to blame. Where are the arrests for these assclowns Obama?
1)Baltimore Police Department- Nothing makes me madder than predictability that is completely ignored. Much like the snowstorms of the south in which two separate cites made the exact same mistakes ten days apart, the Baltimore police seemed completely stunned by violence breaking out on their streets as they dick around with arresting every damn cop involved with the tragic case of Freddie Gray. Unlike South Carolina who has arrested two cops immediately for wrong doing over the last six months, Maryland has decided to go the Ferguson route and drag this out for an eternity. What part of you have 48 hours to decide what to do, do you not get? After that public opinion will think you are stalling, which you are, and riots will start which is what just happened. It also doesn't help when your union boss, who always seems to be the dumbest cop alive, told the crowd to stop acting like a "lynch mob." Ohh, maybe you are unaware but that's kind of racist. His attempt at backtracking it didn't help as he just dug his grave deeper. If this was anyone else, they would have already been in custody and processed. But because they are cops, they get a free vacation, like Robert Bates is enjoying right now as he was unbelievably allowed to leave the country before his possible arrest, which again, is stunning. Why are cops above the law now? Why is South Carolina more progressive than Maryland or Oklahoma? So congratulations Baltimore Police you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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