Monday, April 20, 2015


Yet again, another unarmed black man has been assassinated by the cops, this time in Baltimore in a highly suspicious way. As always, people watching taped the encounter as four bicycle cops arrest a black man, haul him into a police van, and by the time he reaches the prescient, his spine is severed, his lapses into a coma and dies. Yeah, routine right?
The cops haven't been charged, which is odd in and of itself, as they obviously beat this guy within an inch of his life, for a crime that hasn't even been mentioned, even though this happened four days ago. 80% of his spine was severed meaning he got quite a beating. This happened on almost the same day that the city of Baltimore agreed to a payout of $175,000 to the family of another black man killed by the cops under questionable circumstances in 2012. The Baltimore Sun reported that the city has paid out over $11 million in the last four years for this kind of behavior. When does being cop cross the line to storm trooper and how long do they think that the inner city is going to keep accepting this reality before they fight back?

It is only a matter of time before some enterprising drug lord decides enough is enough and starts ordering attacks on police officers, good or bad, and drives them from the neighborhoods. Technically, if they were very smart they could control these areas better than the cops like the mafia used to do in areas they controlled way back when. This is becoming an epidemic where everyday a new story erupts of some person of any color being roughed up or even killed by the police. When will the public say enough?

Body cameras need to be on every cop everywhere and any more stalling on this subject should be seen as villainous. Our police force is officially out of control where the average citizen, especially minorities, are being assassinated every day. If this was any other profession, they'd be drummed out of existence? Why are the police immune to this?
Then we have the Republicans running for President who almost everyone seems not too happy with. This past weekend I was with some Republican friends of mine who declared they hate everyone on both sides, something I agree with them on. Roger Allies, head of Fox news, recently said the exact same thing in an interview. None of them can win even if Hillary is their opponent. Too many will stay home because of their anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-Hispanic policies that will prove anathema to the general public. The country is moving further left not right guys and, much like George Wallace found out, being on the wrong side of history can demonize you long after you're dead.

It's also not helping that their hypocrisy is front and center this week. We have all heard the right scream about this plan not being paid for and how they could never vote for something like that. That is until this week when the House passed an end to the estate tax which is unfunded, will cost taxpayers almost $300 billion dollars over ten years, and only affect the 1%. And all that talk about family farms harmed came out to a grand total of 20 so far. WHHEEEE! More people went to the moon than that. So much for fiscal responsibility guys.

Scott Walker is doing such a piss poor job as governor of Wisconsin that his numbers have started to fall, no longer leading the polls as Jeb Bush now dominates, as if that was ever in question. Anyone voting for Bush is a true moron. The same goes for Hillary. Scott Walker presented a budget plan so heinous, which includes draconian cuts to the poor and elderly, that even fellow Republicans are not going to vote for it. This is the Koch brothers at work who want all the money for themselves and screw everyone else. Unfortunately for them, the public is not behind this and just like 2012, the right is going to have their flavor of the week, jumping from person to person, until they decide that Bush is the new Romney and we all know how that turned out. Bush has almost no chance of winning meaning unless we get someone to unseat Hillary Obama-style, which is entirely possible, Hillary will be president. Ugh! She is currently fighting a new book that claims she took money from foreign countries through her husband's charity and then gave favorable claims during her tenure at the State Department. Whether this is right wing fantasy or reality has yet to be determined. But know we will be hearing a lot more about this.
If this is the best we have, death cops and crappy politicians, the end comes soon. The stock market is rising high today, ignoring the fact that Greece is still a hair away from collapse and with it, possibly the world economy. But hey, Morgan Stanley had a good quarter and China announce a new stimulus program so all is well right? Hardly. Greece and the EU are miles apart and have until May 11 to come up with an agreeable plan. That would be like saying the Israelis and Iran have until then to make a peace deal or a nuclear war will break out. Which do you think is more likely? The same goes for Greece which has about a 90% chance of default and a possible contagion event which will rock the markets, devalue the derivative market, and possible destroy the world economy.

People better wake up and smell the world burning. There may be little time left and the politicians that are supposed to be able to prevent this are worse than ever.

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