Sunday, April 5, 2015


This has not been a great week for people of this world. In this country, those on the left have decided that anyone anti-gay deserves to be hung from the tallest trees and those on the right feel the same about anyone actually gay. Outrage has become the national pastime about some of the most trivial things and those that are important seem to be ignored completely. Black people are becoming more and more anti-white, seeing racism EVERYWHERE while white America begins to become more racist as well due to a complete collapse of civility. No one trusts anyone or anything anymore and things we should be very, very worried about, like CA water supplies, are treated with a shrug and a wink. The worst part it is not just here, but everywhere where stupidity reigns supreme as this column this week demonstrates. Let's see those runner ups.
10)Mike Pence- This guy represents everything I loathe about politicians. He writes a bill, specifically to go after gay people, which is echoed by his AG and his own website, and then when things go pear shaped, he backtracks on all of it and puts on a mask of indignation that reporters are daring to ask him why he wrote an anti-gay bill that he says was never his intention, even if there is solid proof there was. Sigh! Our worthless MSM seemingly failed to dig up his own words on his now taken down website (nothing is ever removed from the Internet as everything written is equivalent to herpes) which once again I did with no budget whatsoever. At least George Stephanopoulos put him to task for dancing around a simple yes or no question about Pence's intention for this bill. His days may be numbered because of this.

9)GOP Presidential hopefuls- All ten candidates running for the Republican nomination came out in favor of Mike Pence's bill immediately after it's passage, apparently unaware of the backlash it was going to create. Every single person just came out against gay rights which according to polls is a new third rail topic that will derail anyone going for anti-gay legislature. A significant portion of this country is okay with gay marriage and even among young Republicans, the numbers are about 63% for it, which could drive turnout even lower for any candidate who makes it a campaign pledge like Mike Hukabee and Ted Cruz. The fact the other eight all endorsed it as well will haunt them all the way to the nomination. Way to lose a race before it even starts. Republicans may crow about their chances of winning, but statistics say they have a very low chance of that regardless of who they pick thanks to changing demographics and mentalities. The keep losing because they run campaigns designed for a decade ago. Just ask the democrats how that worked out for then in 2014. Trust me when I say they won't make the same mistake in 2016. Republicans on the other hand seem incapable of learning anything.
8)Bob Menendez- I used to live in NJ and everyone thinks it is the corruption capital of the nation thanks to idiots like this senator. Truth be told CT is far, far worse and so is Illinois from what I understand but NJ is no picnic either. Chris Christie has corporations so far up his ass they know what he had for breakfast. His "work" on NJ pension plans is going to bankrupt them and I still have no doubt he orchestrated the whole Bridgegate scandal. But on the democratic side we have this loser, Menendez who has been accused of taking bribes from a close friend to help him with business deals and even getting green cards for his illegal girlfriends. The Senator has denied any of this, as they always do, and whined about how unfair it is that he is being accused of doing nothing more than being a good friend and so what if both profited handsomely from it. It's assholes like this in politics that ruin it for everyone. He'll probably be convicted, serve a few years and the get out on some technicality like Tom Delay or Oliver North. Thus the way of the world.

7)Lufthansa- Are the requirements to be a CEO or head of state mean that you have to be functionally retarded or mentally deficient in some way? It certainly seems that way lately as around the planet, I see things so dumb, so stupid, so positively insane, I can hardly believe it. After douchebag last week ran a plane into the ground because he had a case of the mopies, news arrived that not only was the co-pilot diagnosed with suicidal tendencies years earlier, the airline new about it. WTF? We do not allow people drunk to fly planes, why should those with depression, especially one who is suicidal, be allowed to fly a fucking plane? This makes no sense and only a brain damaged moron would be okay with it which is I guess what the CEO of this airline must be suffering from because the only other explanation is a solid case of the stupids.
6)Memories Pizza- Speaking of stupid, how dumb do you have to be to come out and say in a MSM story that you are anti-gay and proud of it? Memory pizza found that out when they commented how they would never cater a gay wedding, as of that was ever going to happen, and as a result, shut their doors a day later as the gay mafia threatened to burn their building to the ground. As a result, a Gofundme site raised almost $900,000 and counting for these bigots meaning maybe this wasn't so stupid after all as they may have come out ahead in all of this. First off, gay people have to stop threatening people with bodily harm when they do not agree with you. A softball coach found that out the hard way when she threatened to burn the pizza place down causing a visit from the police to question her intentions and causing her suspension. There is no reason to hulk out over this while likewise, there is every reason to tell these people to go to hell as well. Just don't be douchey about it. And the anti-gay crowd better realize that Jim Crow laws for gay people are going to the way of, well, Jim Crow laws and had better get on the right side of history. Acceptance of gay people is going to happen with or without your support. Public support for these views could lead to major problems as the GOP is finding out.

5)Anthony Stokes- If you want to know why white people are becoming more and more racist, which I believe they are, look no further than this case to figure out why. Stokes was a black thug who at 15 already had a lengthy criminal record. He also was sick and needed a heart transplant which doctors recommended against, for obvious reasons as he was a criminal almost certain to return to his evil ways. Well the black community and liberals has a fit about this and demanded this fuckwad get a new heart because who cares if some vicious sociopath gets a new heart. Dick Cheney did, so why not Stokes. The doctors relented under pressure and Stokes got his new heart and a new lease of life.  He put out videos saying he will change his life now and do only good things, yada, yada, yada. Fast forward two years and Stokes is now dead on the side of a road after a crime spree than ended up with him in a crashed stolen car. Some one more deserving might be dead while waiting for a transplant so this idiot could get one. I am sick and tired of hearing from black families that their little angel couldn't possible be the same person who shot someone in the face or raped some poor girl in the driveway, both of which occurred in MA this week. At least Deon Saunders showed some backbone when he told his teenage son to stop dressing like he was from the ghetto and act his age. We need more parents like him and less like the ones who are blind to their thug kids. And black people better realize that one of the reasons cops are so racist toward them is they get arrested for actual crimes more than all the other races combines and they only represent 13% of the population. Time to clean up your act guys. NOW!
4)Atlanta School teachers- Another case of black people committing crimes which in this case were teachers at the Atlanta School system. Caught in a cheating scandal, ten of the eleven convicted in this RICO case were black, and one Hispanic woman, which may result in a decade behind bars for each. You know who the whistleblowers were for the most part? White people, a couple black people as well as one black woman who was acquitted. Why did black teachers cheat and the white people here not? Is it racist to point that out?

3)McDonalds- Following in Walmart's steps, McDonalds said today they would give their employees raises at corporate run stores of a dollar more an hour. WWWHHEEEE said the employees who would have liked that raise back in say 1975. Today, it's far to little to make a difference which is why they asking for $15 an hour which would far better and more in line with today's prices. You'd still struggle at $15 an hour which is why that extra dollar is bunk to everyone else. This country needs a raise, a significant one, which the US hasn't gotten since 1980.
2)Iran/US nuclear deal opponents- Both sides are trying to sell a deal to their idiot religious counterparts at home with little success. Iran has had to publically say the deal they have seen does not resemble the one being talked about by John Kerry in a vain attempt to curry favor at home. Likewise for Kerry trying to get the GOP from screaming about war for two seconds to read the thing. What I know about it sounds like a step in the right direction as a war with Iran can only be won using nuclear weapons and could destabilize the world. War should be the last option, not the first, but the GOP is actively trying to sabotage this by passing a law that would give Congress final say on any deal. They are only a few votes shy of a veto-proof majority proving some Democrats are just as stupid. War with Iran is a game changer and should only be used if this deal falls through and they accelerate their nuke program. I do agree that under no circumstances can Iran be allowed to get a nuke as the chances for a nuclear war climb to about 90% in such a scenario. But to quote John Lennon "can we just give peace a chance first?"
1)Humans- We are a stupid race. We put money above common sense. We allow religious ideology to dictate our humanity even if it contradicts what we know scientifically. We vote in the stupidest people on the planet. Worst of all, we fail to see how our own blindness is leading down the path of destruction. This week, it was revealed that CA has one year of water left following last year's prediction of two years of water left. The governor did a few peace meal type actions that will in no way fix the problem. Agriculture and fracking are using tons of water as well as useless golf courses, lawns and new business construction. None of that is affected. The truth of the matter is this: THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THE PLANET! When are we going to realize that we should be banning fertility clinics, opening abortion clinics on every street corner and encouraging people to NOT have any more kids for a while. There is less water because of a drought. There is also too little water because 40 million people live in a desert that may be experiencing a mega drought that will last for 200 years. Unlike gay rights or the Redskins name, no one is having any Twitter fury over this. WHY? This is far more important as this affects ALL of us equally. If CA goes belly up, food prices will be unaffordable and tens of millions may have to relocate. Yet Memories pizza is the thing everyone wants to talk about. We need to start acting like adults and face a serious issue that could doom us all. We need less people, period. And if we don't do something about it, mother nature will. So congratulations people we are indeed douchebag of the week.

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