Wednesday, April 15, 2015


This week, we saw the emergence of Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton, adding their names to Jeb Bush and Rand Paul as those wishing to run for President. So far, almost every Republican seems to be going to get in the race as well, as all the Democrats play rock, paper scissors to see who goes against Hillary, who at this point may very well be our next President. True, she is making some spectacular errors already but they nothing compared to what the GOP is doing which appears to be a model of how to lose an election.
Let's start with Hillary Clinton. She has a lot of baggage to overcome and a lot of strengths. She was First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State. Considering how piss poor John Kerry has been at this job (as if that was in doubt), that's small potatoes but still she was better at the job than him. However, she also to defeat the shadow of her husband, who was the best President we've had in decades and that's not saying much considering the competition and how bad he really was, her awful handling of email-gate and of course, Benghazi. The latter will not be much of an obstacle as most people tuned out of that bullshit years ago, but her personality, truth telling and ability to connect with the average person may prove troublesome.

Her ad campaign that announced her candidacy was weak at best, more of a psy-ops program than explaining why we would vote for her (look gays, a young, Asian girl, an old white guy, ugh!). Her new logo is dreadful, confusing some who thinks it looks like a hospital sign, and an inexplicable arrow in it that points TO THE RIGHT. This is exactly the kind of thing she needs to avoid lest lefties everywhere abandon her again, Obama style, when someone else eventually enters the race.
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Too me, she always seemed fake and plastic and evil. In other words, just like most politicians but not as good as hiding it. It was that kind of unlikableness that sunk Martha Coakley twice in this state and could sink Hillary again if anyone decides to go against a lethal Clinton political machine. I, and apparently everyone else, really wants that to happen. I am still hopeful that our first female President will be Liz Warren who will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into this race I fear. The only other three mentioned so far have been Martin O'Malley, Robert Reich and Bernie Saunders and, while I like all three, I do not know how much of a chance any of them have as they will labeled as "who dat?," "shorty," and "old geezer."
On the other side of the aisle we have a level of incompetence and ill advised campaign pledges so bad that most of these guys have lost and some haven't even entered the race yet. A recent Suffolk poll showed that the four most unpopular people in the race were Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. The most popular were Scott Walker, Ted Cruz (even split) and Ben Carson. The funny part is that I don't think any of these guys can win in a national election and even the MSM has taken notice.

Marco Rubio found that out the hard way when CNN actually did their job and questioned Rubio's support for anti-gay legislature. They correctly pointed out that the tide has turned on this subject and could be as third rail a topic as gun control has been for the democrats, which is why they abandoned that position after Gore "lost" in 2000. Every GOP candidate has come out against gay marriage, which means they face the wrath of the gay mafia who have successfully turned corporate positions against bigots in a big way. Gay people spend money just like anyone else, and even people like myself who are not gay, support them and not the people who don't. This is going to be a huge funding problem as no corporation is going to be giving money to an anti-gay candidate or else decide they want to go out of business. This gives whoever the democrat nominee is a huge advantage in money and ultimately the election. If your entire campaign is funded by bigots, big banks and billionaires, it is going to be impossible to convince people you have their best interests at heart.

Chris Christie went a step further today and announced that not only is he going after gay people, entitlement programs and expanding supply side economics, he also plans to reverse decisions to legalize pot in any state that has done it already. Why not just spit in the face of people who plan to vote for you, you fat fucking loser? There is a reason you are near the bottom of every poll and your unlikable status has you only trailing Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush. I have more of a chance of becoming president that this dick. Talk about misreading the tea leaves.
The GOP has a major problem and everyone but them sees it. Gay rights are an important thing to many of us who see it as a civil right issue just like equal rights for black people was in the 60's. How well did elections turn out for anti-black candidates back then? Not well if you actually read your history.

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