Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Everyone has heard about the rioting in Baltimore this past week with several people I know getting more angry at the rioters than the police who helped cause all of this. And while I do not condone the actions of thuggish looters, I certainly understand it. These people, poor beyond words and not very well educated, have watched for decades their area degenerate into chaos, job losses as opportunity disappears and the police who are sworn to protect them are every bit as bad as the street thugs that terrorize them. This kind of existence is untenable and sooner or later will explode in violence, as they have no other avenue to peruse.

The Baltimore police have done a really bad job for decades now and this goes beyond just a racial thing. White people I know in the area say the cops are no better behaved toward them with a mentality that you should only call the cops if no other choice is available. This is unacceptable and if rioting is the only way to get any attention to this horrific crime, then what other choice do they have. JFK said it best when he said "when peaceful protest is impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable." And at this point, it is becoming inevitable.

The weird thing about Baltimore is that it demonstrates what I have been saying for years: the police may not be so much racist as just giant douchebags intent in shaking down whoever they can. We've all heard how racist the Ferguson and North Charleston Police Force are because white people make up a majority of the force and political range. But in Baltimore that is not true. Half the police are black, the mayor is black and the Police Chief is black. Yet, the mistreatment goes on, proving my point that the fact that black people are being arrested in large numbers may have less to do with race and everything to do with economics. There are more poor black people than just about any other race. Part of this is societal issues like the War on Drugs, police misconduct and Republicans. Part is of it is their own fault due to a cultural collapse that puts an emphasis on stupidity (otherwise known as acting white), a disdain for anything not black and thug worship. This type of racist attitudes will destroy black people if they are not careful.
As I correctly predicted in a pervious post, black drug gangs would team up together to attack the cops, as they are becoming persona non grata, a fact of their own making. If police continue to act like the same thugs they have been arresting, they are going to receive similar treatment from the public. You can only push people so far before they push back.

And how come when the reverse happens, when black cops attack white people, the MSM is dubiously silent. Right now, in Philadelphia is a case going on where that is exactly what happened. Several black members of the Philadelphia police department, all from an elite drug unit (think The Shield), are on trial right now for shaking down young, white college students specifically because of their race. RICO laws are being used after one cop, Jeffery Walker, was caught red handed by the FBI stealing drug proceeds from a bust and is now turning state's evidence. Because of this, 160 convictions have been overturned and millions in lawsuits are going to be paid out. And of course the Sergeant in charge is defending his men, saying they couldn't possibly have done all this without his knowledge which either makes him stupid or compliant. Where is the MSM in any of this? Asleep at the wheel as morons like Wolf Blitzer keeps commenting on how he's never seen anything like the latest riots, somehow forgetting the Ferguson riots just a few weeks back. This is why CNN sucks.

The mayor of Baltimore has come under fire after saying she allowed some rioting to occur which seems somewhat stupid. Peaceful protest are fine but when that fine line is crossed into looting, the police have a duty to step in, not watch people's livelihoods burn to the ground. Some black commentators have compared these riots to the ones after a sporting event or the Keene Pumpkin Festival riot (which has now moved to Laconia after Keene nixed the event) in which spoiled white people riot. There is one glaring difference between the two that no one seems to get and that is this: white people don't loot. In none of the riots I have seen on TV or actually been in (two so far and they are really scary) where white people are the culprit has it ever gone beyond petty destruction. In the black community however, as soon as a riot starts, it becomes a free for all and looting happens every single time. Why is that? Maybe because white people, who can be every bit as poor as black people, do not want to destroy their neighborhoods, which also never happens. White people riot in cities or colleges, never where they shop and live. They like having goods and services. Black people complain to high heaven that there are no supermarkets where they live. Look at Baltimore and see why. What company is going to invest millions into an area that is going to cost them sky high insurance premiums, jeopardize employee safety and everytime something happens the community gets pissed at, the store gets looted. As much as I would like to blame the police for everything, it's not all their fault that life sucks so hard for the ghetto. Sometimes it's their own.
US Uncut's photo.
The police are losing control in Baltimore because regardless of race, the force there is seen by almost everyone as a thuggish, out of control, profiteering group. The fact that hundreds have been arrested and assaulted (even killed) over the last few years, almost all black, for questionable reasons, demands answers. Add to that that none of the police accused of wrong doing over the years have ever been reprimanded or prosecuted says lots as well. However, the city has shelled out almost $6 million so far in civil payments, which for an area as poor as this, is coming out services that could help the people in this town. Check out the meme above and question how much you would be willing to take from a police force killing your own without repercussions? I know a lot of white people who would be gunning down cops faster than they could replace them. Why should black people be any different?

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