Sunday, April 19, 2015


Two weeks in a row we have the police front and center, this time the accidental shooting of yet another unarmed black man, this time by a reserve deputy who was a hundred years old and still on the force. Cameras have exonerated several cops this week, including one brave officer who refused to shoot a guy who may or may not have a had a gun. That's the kind of cops we need more of and less elderly playing cop or with a shoot first ask questions later mentality. Let's see those runner ups.
10)TSA- It's been a while since these fuckwads have made the list but this week two were fired from the Denver airport for groping men because they thought they looked hot. This has always bothered me as if the screener is gay, isn't it sexual assault when they touch my junk? It certainly was here, when two conspired to find problems, when none existed, just so they could fondle people. We have also heard from whistleblowers that they also routinely pass around nude photos taken from scanners, that the scanners they use do not work and the entire system is a giant money grab that actually makes us less safe. Someday soon, some enterprising terrorist is going to figure out a way to plant bombs inside a person and then what? We are rapidly reaching a point where we will all have to fly naked after a body cavity search and multiple x-rays.

9)Worcester religious leaders- This week, religious leaders of central MA got together and held a press conference and claimed that racism in this area was out of control. Fair enough but when pressed for proof they clammed up and said this wasn't the time and place to discuss such things? Really? When exactly would be a better time than a press conference that they called? The best they could do was claim the internet was responsible for various levels of racism, which is true, but extends to all people, as black racism is alive and well there as well. This was a waste of everyone's time and even the most liberal reporter was put off by the whole thing.

8)Scotland- In yet another giant overreach by the anti-alcohol crowd, Scotland lowered the legal limit to such a low number that even having one beer with lunch would make you "too drunk to drive." In Scotland. This has led to a nosedive on profits for restaurants and is putting people out of business in record numbers while making no one safer as a result. No one who has one beer with lunch is drunk and this prohibition like mentality which is alive and well across the planet is going way too far and is doing more harm then good.

7)DEA- I fucking hate the DEA with the fire of a thousand suns. The agents I have met have been some of the dumbest people on Earth, still claiming that pot will kill you and no drugs should be legal ever anywhere. This week it turns out that not only were these ass clown going to sex parties thrown by drug cartels (WTF?), according the head of the DEA, they can't be fired because of arcane union rules. This is why nothing ever changes because the average Joe can be fired for any reason they like, but the powerful can't be fired for anything. This agency needs to go stat.
6)Aaron Hernandez- The former Patriot was found guilty this week of murder and sentenced to life without parole. This was once a star player making $40 million dollars on his contract with a mansion, women and respect. Now he will spend his life in a small room, at the moment less than a mile from Gillette Stadium where he used to play. I can only hope he can see it from his cell. This is what thug life gets you: nowhere fast. He is still facing a new trial for two other murders, allegedly stemming from a spilled drink at a bar, meaning the guy was a true kind of stupid. That outcome is irrelevant as he is already never getting out. Enjoy prison you idiot. You had it all and now you have nothing.

5)ISIS- These morons just committed another atrocity by blowing up the ancient city of Nimrud. This is a incalculable loss that is akin to the Holocaust in it's severity and needs to be addressed as such. How much more do we let these idiots get away with before we kill them in their sleep. And while the story by Judicial Watch about ISIS camps on the Mexican border have been thoroughly debunked, they still a clear and present danger to the world scale. It is only a matter of time before a group like this does something so heinous that the entire world looks at them and screams DEATH at the top of their lungs, probably not caring what Muslims they kill at that point. A world war is unlikely in that scenario as Russia, China, Europe and the US will all be united and, unfortunately, innocent Muslims will be targeted as well, leading to yet another Japanese internment-like scenario. The alternative would be dead Muslims in the street as the average human will panic and kill anyone they even think is Muslim. This will end badly if we don't get in front of it and bombing northern Iraq out of existence might be a good start.
4)Hillary Clinton- It hasn't been the best of weeks for the candidate. Her trip to Chipotle didn't go as planned with a photo-op, as she didn't talk to any employees there, or even shake their hands for that matter, or, leave a tip. Oops. Her logo is asinine as it has an arrow pointing to the right which is a stupid move for someone trying to prove she won't be worse than Obama, as if that was possible. She already has an uphill battle as she is taking money from Wall Street, foreign countries and Monsanto, which will hardly endear her to a public, like myself, who want a true progressive candidate (like Liz Warren. Please run!) and not like Obama telling us what we want to hear and then do none of it once in office. Her biggest obstacle may be a show like SNL which is going to hammer home her intense desire to become President which so far boils down to "isn't it time for a female president?" Yes and no. Being a woman is not a qualification in and of itself. Ideas matter and so far, yours suck. I would vote for the right woman (again Liz Warren please run. PLEASE!), but I will not vote for someone just because she IS a woman. Carly Fiorina is also a woman and running on the GOP side, and even less qualified than Hillary. Does that make her equal because she is a woman too?

3)Marco Rubio- The other candidate who is in the running this week, his candidacy is doomed before it even started. Many a GOP pundit is talking about his "fresh and new" ideas, which is funny as his plan involves the exact same boilerplate crap that voters turned down in the last two elections. He wants to take money from poor people and give it to the rich, end abortion as we know it, deny gay people fair rights, stop legal pot and stop illegals from coming here. So he has already lost gay, young, women and Hispanic votes and it's only a week later. Right now, whoever on the right gets the nomination faces a bruising in the national election regardless of who the nominee is for the democrats as their ideas as old, tired discredited crap that only wins them off year elections. Good luck. You guys are going to need it.
2)MSM-Our media lately has been just plain sad. They have failed to inform us about anything of any importance and, instead, have Ron Burgandied us to death. They have done a shoddy job looking into Robert Bates, with local news doing a better job, failed to look to far into the mysterious closing of five Walmart's who claim plumbing issues but have no permits to do any work and missed out on recent well proven conspiracies into the OKC bombing and the anthrax case. The government released a report from1995 that said that the bomb Tim McVeigh used could not possibly have caused the damage seen that got zero press anywhere. The head of the FBI's anthrax case is suing the government in District Court for a cover-up that includes framing an innocent man, Bruce Irvins, as well as hindering the investigation at every step. Shouldn't that be a big story? Nope, instead we get nonsense and infotainment. These guys suck at their job hard.
1)Robert Bates and the Tulsa Police Department- Why is a 73 year old geezer allowed to play cop in Tulsa? Because he paid them. That's the real story here whose records may be falsified, as local reporters have claimed. Bates shot a guy with his gun instead of a Taser which even by his own words seems off. His Taser was in his breast pocket, his gun in his back holster. As they were nowhere near each other, age obviously played a factor here as he got confused as old people sometimes do. Even retired police officers have said Bates was way too old to be doing this kind of thing and this is what happens when people do things beyond their capacity. This is a case of bribery and nepotism that resulted in the death of a suspect and eventually, millions in taxpayer dollars going to the family. There is no good reason this guy should have been allowed to play cop and is a program that needs to be stopped now. So congratulations Bates and the Tulsa Police Department you are indeed douche bag of the week.

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